Acceptance and respect



Easy it is to critisize
But difficult it is
To think oneself into situations
Not belonging to us

We do not live
With decisions
Another person
Has to take

We do not live
The life of anyone
With his/her background
Instead ignore reasons

So no right we have
To condemn or judge
Or make us only better
With hidden motives?

DidiArtist, 02.03.2014


43 comments on “Acceptance and respect

  1. Beautiful message given !! Though it’s difficult but important to put our shoes in another person’s shoes so that you don’t misunderstand anyone. Today it’s the person tomorrow it can be you.. and secondly your decisions shouldn’t be based on other person thoughts as no one knows your situation better.
    Beautiful post didi

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    • Indeed, dear friend. With empathy and intuition we are able to understand people to a certain extent – however this should never abused or turn into prejudices – as we do not really know the one with which we are in contact. Even after many many years a couple will discover always something new in the partner, because we all have a different background, education, level of understanding and feelings. Therefore we find in the Bible: “”The one who judges will be judged… (not literally but in this sense regiven).

      Thank you very much, dear friend and a good time

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  3. Not judging? This means for me not to have any values to be followed and also an ignorance towards what is going here on our blue planet. Is it enough for you to live in a small peaceful individual world while a global abyss has opened jeopardizing our entire being? This needs to be judged.

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    • Dear friend,

      There is a big difference of telling the truth or judging someone, speak bad about him or her, behind the bad or the like – if we do not know the life of such a person, all reasons why he or she behaved like this or that. Then we easily come with prejudices. These are the strong dangers in judging someone. However, as the world appears to us, it is the result of ego and mind in us. We all are subject to ego and mind more or less and the result we see is the condition of our world. To make the world better Gandhi said: If you want to see a change in the world, change yourself… another example: if you want to help others and their house are on fire, but also your house is on fire – so you can only help when you first extinguish the fire in our own home. In the planes when flying stewardesses give us the advice when having to use the oxigen masks, first to put them on themselves before helping the kids… so to develop ourselves is a good thing and to be of a good example for others too. If I only shout against others, but inside, when being really honest to myself, I am not better (or consider myself better with an egoistic attitude than others, to claim not to have mistakes ) – what use it has then? It will not improve the situation.

      I hope I could make myself understood regarding the term judging.
      All good wishes

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