In their minds
Prevails an ice-cold principle:
“To get the maxium
For a minimum”

Blindly they are oriented
Towards money and power
While tears flowing unseen
From a forgotten heart

The carusell of speculation
Turns faster and faster
Squeezing blood and life
From more and more people

Outwardly they may be rich
But inwardly they are very poor
Running thoughtlessly
After their business

If we want a change in the world
We have to begin with ourselves
And listen to our heart
The music of harmony

DidiArtist, 20.02.2014

23 comments on “Exploitation

    • Dear friend,

      Even there where are deserts with oases the rich people extend “their territory” and mark “their areas” with warning signs to keep off the poor ones… yes, in a way like colonizing. For example you see the trend that more and more poor people are moved away from the centre of the town to outskirts, same process happens in potsdamm, a town close to Berlin…

      Thank you πŸ™‚
      All the best

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  1. Dear friend,

    In the nature we have: the stongest survives – and: eaten and being eaten and: in our organism there is this “fight” also going on. In the animal and plant world we see the same thing. However, if we humans anchor it to our ego this may also apply to the same case within certain frames and is nevertheless subject to relativity. What if we go the opposite way? With the attempt to free us from our ego, our selfishness due to which many people have to suffer. If there is not an appropriate balance between poor and rich people there will always be: Rich are rich because they take in fact the money from those who are poor – but they need not necessarily be stronger then, only because they have more power and influence than others have – the other way: sharing and helping to be of service to man is in fact a way of making the world a bit better regarding social justice and harmony among people. Therefore, we have got to rise above selfishness and ego – in the sense as Gandhi said: “We want a change in the world then we have to change ourselves first”

    Or to go back to the point of gathering material things, power and reputation, acknowledgement etc. – Nietzsche said here: Those who own much are owned by those things they own… means: they are dependent on them, prisoners of them… – so they are not free. Freedom we may get if we overcome that hydra ego/mind in us – that pulls us with all its wishes it wants into an abyss of more and more…

    Jesus Christ, Buddha, Maulana Rumis, Kabir, Baba Jaimal Singh, Baba Sawan Singh, Kirpal Singh etc – they all have given us a living example with their lives in a very practical way…

    Sorry that my answer is so long this time.

    Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚
    Have a happy time

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