How much power in every person



Each decision taken
Changes the whole world

The butterfly effect…

DidiArtist, 25.04.2020



27 comments on “How much power in every person

    • My dear friend,

      The meaning of it is that whatever we decide it has endless effects, endless ripples as cause and effect belong together, so even every thought we think has
      effects into the Whole, within the Whole – and then always differently, it is an enfolding of endless possibilities based on the cause which itself is an effect.
      For example if we use mathematics: multiply numbers or divide them with let’s say 4 multiplicated with 2,3456 = 9,3824 this number we take to continue to multiply another number and so forth.. but if in the beginning, we use 4 x with 2,3457 the result is = 9,3828 we use this result (this decision) as a new decision (or as a new cause) then we deviate more and more from the first decision (operation), this would take another result and direction, even if it is small but in the long run the result is totally different and has ripples going around the whole world. I hope I could explain good enough.
      All the best, my friend and have a happy weekend πŸ™‚

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