Unity of Man – Sant Kirpal Singh

The intention of the movement Unity of Man is to inspire man by the ideal set by Sant Kirpal Singh:


Be good – Do good – Be one


It invites all to unite in order to find out about the spiritual base of human nature and to promote a spirit of oneness.

The name Unity of Man carries the core message of Sant Kirpal Singh:

This human birth is our chance to realize the great truth of the oneness of life
vibrating in the universe – Unity already exists, we only have forgotten it.


Respect for the whole creation and love and tolerance for each human being regardless of colour, creed or nationality are the practical shapes of this ideal.

There is one hope for the world, and this hope lies in the spiritual link from man to man and nation to nation. This genuine hope will bring us together.

The problems of the world are not of political, but of spiritual nature, so we have to find the solution on the spiritual level, on the level of consciousness.

The change will begin from man’s heart.
Harbhajan Singh

Please, refer to: http://unityofman.spiritualitaet.org/en/


20 comments on “Unity of Man – Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. 3th addition:

    Sant Kirpal Singh has brought Kirpal Sagar (Ocean of Grace) through Dr. Harbhajan Singh and Biji Surinder Kaur into being. Kirpal Sagar is open for the whole mankind and all religions are under one roof. Help is given there to poor and needy people as there is a hospital and also a mobile clinic to go to the villages and help poor people with medicine and examination. There you find also a school and they all are taught with ethical values of life. There is also an Old father’s home where old lonesome and poor old people receive the help of Unity of Man, Kirpal Sagar. This all is a practical matter and contributes to make the world a bit better.

    Here is a link:

    Have a great time

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  2. 2nd additon:

    You come very quckly to the conclusion of your own angle of view that this oneness is completely misleading and not a way to save the earth. Then tell me, my friend, is the drop apart from the ocean, is the fish apart from the ocean, are all beings apart from our planet, are all planets apart from our solar system and our solar-system apart from all other solar systems? – no, is the simple answer, because this all is Oneness, but we see the things separatedly with our outgoing senses, which is called duality or maya, grand illusion etc.

    Thank you

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  3. To add in addition:

    In this text you also find:

    “Respect for the whole creation and love and tolerance for each human being regardless of colour, creed or nationality are the practical shape of this ideal.”

    Because you have not made certain experiences it does not mean that those certain divine experiences do not exist…

    The great Masters declare us that only in the man-body it is possible to go back to home eternal. In the Bible we have: That man is next to God… To understand this sentence alone we have to read about the theoretical aspect of the universal teaching, not just one sentence or a few and it requires our inner digesting to understand this all in the very depth. Without practicing and only use theory we will not come forward, not even one inch. That is why the competent Masters say: 1 Gramm of practice weihgs more than 1000 tons of theory.

    Thank you

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  4. Sorry, my friend – this oneness does not include just man but the whole creation, also plants, even stars and universes – it is a matter from which point of view we see it – if we see it with limited eyes, we see then the limitation, our own limitation. So oneness refers to everything, nothing is excluded. And you should not evaluate this universal teaching just because of having read a very tiny amount of this brilliant teaching – in the end it is also a fast judgement, like a prejudice. Please, read everything carefully. In this universal teaching there are all religions included.

    Thank you 🙂

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  5. Nice idea. what about all the other beings here on Earth, this socalled oneness makes only refetence to human beings which are really just a later development of nature. It is a typical example for ignoring all very intelligent plants who do exist much longer and are somehow our real ancestors. This is the same philosophical system as in Christian belief. We have to stop just thinking of human beings, so this oneness is completely misleading and not a way to save the Earth.

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