Power seekers



Power seekers want
To control
Dictate and rule over people,
Use all means
Without scruples
To reach their goals

May God bless them
With right understanding
Respect people
Not prison them in fear
With their intrument of power
In their hands

May they see their own mirror image
To understand what they are doing
And stop abusing power
On the shoulders
Of millions of people

DidiArtist, 15.10.2011



11 comments on “Power seekers

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  2. Thank you, dear Kamal
    If we would see the strings moving we would be aware that we all are puppet on the string of the ONE DOER in His Will. But our mind thinks it is doing…
    The One is the stage of the world, the onlooker, the actor and the Producer at the same time…
    Thanks my dear friend Kamal
    All good wishes

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  3. Dear Ulli

    I am writing poems, aphorisms and quotes since over 40 years – there may sometimes be similarities with the quotes already existing, but they all were written due to my own experiences and way of thinking. My Master Sant Kirpal Singh has taught me respect and human values for which I am really thankful. He also said: “No need to dig new wells (new religions) everyone can stay in his own religion which surrounds him, but we should develop to become a good Muslim, a good Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist or or…) – then we should not judge people by skin, nationality or religon as it is impossible to say this or that for all people and I think not even for one – because we do not live the life another person lives. What did Jesus Christ say when a crowd was going to stone a prostitute? He said: “If there is anyone without a sin (mistake, shortcoming) he may throw the first stone…” But then noone has thrown the stone. This judging makes us only better and the other smaller – but are we really better? – No, surely not – we have also our shortcoming as others have, but we do not want to see our own mistakes, we just sweep them under the carpet. Thats why I once wrote: It is easy to critisize others, to judge them, because we do not have the same passion of judment with ourselves… When we would judge ourselves, really critically as we easily do it with others, then we would really find lots of mistakes in ourselves and then we would start to be a bit more humble and have more respect to other people and peoples. They great Masters, holy Saints and Sants they all had this respect even towards the religions, because the original idea was to remember the Creator. That is why people go to churches or gurdawaras or mosques. When we judge other people and even other religions, even when we do not consider us as followers of them – we do not even hurt people with it, we put them all in the same pot. We have to learn to differentiate what is what and all should be done in respect, if not in respect towards God, but then in respect to the human being. The ABC of humanity starts with ourselves.

    I remember myself: When I was a young man I studied philosophy, especially those ideas from Friedrich Nietzsche. At that time I was an atheist, I could not believe in God – God who watches his own children suffering? – I did not understand it, not at that time. So I was a proud philosopher and I must admit, even arrogant. I knew things better that there was no God existing. But how can the drop know the ocean? We are limited in our knowledge and the more we learn and gather book-knowledge the more I agreed to the quote of Sokrates: “All I know that I know nothing…” Indeed, we are proud of our knowledge and yet do not realize how little we really know. We compare us with others and in comparing us with others we always have our own scale with us, of course we put us in the scale-pan to make us better and the other smaller – Kabir was a very high spiritual person, he was called the Father of spirituality, but he himself saw himself as the worst of all people – this I call real humbleness. Unfortunately this humbleness is really missing, or nearly missing in our society. We were taught to compete, according to the sentence: To get the maximum with minimum means. – This means: the center of our being is that ego, ego and mind. I come first and then the others… I wish we would see a change as Platon has put it in: “The state” – there, even people who have to bear much responsibility do their job out of vocation, not out of money… and do not ask for more money than other “ordinary” people get.

    Let us deeply look into ourselves – there we can start with a good change for the better, no matter what our ideology is – this is a process of man-making.

    Thank you for your attention, dear friend
    All good wishes

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