Sharing peaceful nature

My dear friends,

These photos were taken on a trekking tour in Finland close to a lake and I enjoyed this peace given by the beautiful nature.
Birds sang their sweet songs around, the light of the sun sparkled and flickered on the lake, smooth waves were gently touching the shores and nature my heart.

It is a kind of reflection remembering the time when all was still normal giving us hope to return to our everyday life and appreciate all those little things life offers us.
Stay safe and healthy, dear friends 🙂


31 comments on “Sharing peaceful nature

    • Thanks dear Miriam 🙂
      Here we have about 100000 lakes all over Finland. That*s why they call Finland “”The country of thousands of lakes”
      Good night dear friend – I go to sleep in the tent now after having seen a beautiful sunset.

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        • Yes, nature in India is different as it has got a hot climate, but India has also its beauties – I love the architecture very much and India such an interesting cultural country and has an ancient history which we can also read from its epos Mahabharata – I have seen beautiful places in India too.
          Have great day, my friend 🙂


          • Yes, yes of course Didi, India too has its charm and beauty and of course what epos the country has like Ram and Krishna and Buddha and all the Avatars that came in India. Very beautiful and spiritual but if we are staying in the urban part of the country then we see only roads and no country side so miss a lot nature but atleast I can see from the beautiful pictures that so many bloggers keep and enjoy nature.

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            • I understand, dear Kamal – and here I am lucky because lakes and forests are very close – I can even walk from my place to the nature and in 5 minutest I am there, although we are also isolated – but this is something that balance the islolation and makes it feel not so strongly.
              Best wishes, my friend and I hope for your your country that people are able to get back to normal life soon.

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