13 comments on “Coin of power

    • And to overcome the ego/mind is the hardest thing that one can imagine. Once holy person said: If someone tells you, he can move the mountains – you may believe it, if another tells you, he can drink the water of the whole ocean, if this you may believe, but when someone tells you, he has overcome he ego, mind – this we should not believe…
      To get to know ourselves is a lifelong process – our mind has millions of tentacles in which we are captured – and therefore the Holy Ones tell us: “Man know thyself…” this requires absolutely honesty towards ourselves, others and God – and sometimes our consciousness is not even strong enough if we are honest or not, if it is the mind that tells: yes, you are honest or if it deeply comes from the heart innocently… with the help of God, who may guide us on this difficult path, we can have deep understanding of ourselves and empty us from being “I”, from our own personality – to merge with the whole, when the drop become the Ocean…
      Thank you very much, my dear Kamal
      Love and light to you

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