29 comments on “Dreams come true

  1. Reading through reminded me of a song by R&B group named “West life” titled “Dreams come true”. Indeed dreams do come true no matter how dumb or silly the dream is. Which is why we can’t afford to dream small.
    Great piece and thank you for sharing.

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    • I think these poems and aphorism are products of my experiences made in my life and often I get inspirations and have to take them down at once. If people consider them as something that is also in them where they can identify with (as we are not separated, our mind works similar), then it is like mirrow, like a reflection, a red thread of truth which goes along all of us, as we are all a drop of the Ocean.
      Thanks my friend πŸ™‚
      I am happy for your presence.
      Warm greetings

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    • Yes, dreams are the harbingers of a possible reality. I dream of a better world in which people can live together in peace and harmony regardless of their religion, skin-colour and nation they belong to. and according to Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world…” or according to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji: “Reformers are needed, not of others, but of themselves…” – means we all can decide in which direction we go with our life and contribute to a better world, piece by piece.

      All good wishes to you

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    • Dear friend,

      In India has the meaning “elder sister”, but I am living in Europe, Finland and names like Dietrich, Dieter etc. – the nicks of those names are “Didi” – and I am male πŸ™‚

      All good wishes, dear friend

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  2. Realised dreams are the result of our sincere efforts and unrealised dreams means we have not taken those dreams seriously. Beautiful lines sir.


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