34 comments on “Joy and Sorrow

    • Thank, dear Lori,

      I believe that many things or experiences we make bring us to the “same truth” as others before have found out – although we have never got in contact with the saying of such experiences made by others – and everything that I write comes out of my experiences and intuitions – in fact I did not even read Kahlil Gibran’s book “The Prophet on Joy and Sorrow” – I also think as we seem to have a “collective consciousness” (connected with all people) that even same invention can occur in different times and different places as a result of a kind of “conclusion” that inspires the heart of us – within the “connected consciousness” of our Higher Self,

      Thanks for sharing, dear Lori
      Have a great day

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    • Our mind has a journey between ups and downs, between happiness and sadness (suffering, pain) – so we have to detach from the so-called happiness and from the sadness (then we reach the eye of silence in us – while the storm is whirling around…)

      Thank you very much, dear Tom
      All the best

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