Right Understanding – by Sant Kirpal Singh (part 5)




2 comments on “Right Understanding – by Sant Kirpal Singh (part 5)

    • That is great, my dear Ilona

      We have learnt and invented so many things, made progress interlectually , technically and gathered a lot of knowledge and packed us, like a donkey, with such outer knowledge on our back, but spiritually we have neglected our inner progress that is why we see so much disharmony, partly even hate and misunderstanding between people, nations and cultures. Therefore, it is good to sharpen our intellect and mind, to develop understanding, receptivity and make progress on our spiritual path.

      So thank you very much for your interest in it, the words of such a great Master like Sant Kirpal Singh will bear fruits, whoever ponders about them and put them into the practice of her or his own life.

      May you be blessed, my dear friend 🙂
      Hugs and love

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