5 comments on “Mind and Soul (2)

    • Thank you, dear friend 🙂
      Many people underestimate the tricks of our own mind – in fact it is the mind itself that says: I love unconditionally – as long as we are blind to those tricks, we are convinced that our mind speaks the truth. How many time do we say something with our mouth, but the real practice is missing, we put us in the light without being in the light… To live unconditionally our mind has to become unconditionally, must be under control of our soul, of our real us in us. Mind always uses motives to appear good, to gain attention etc. Once we start to see our own thoughts, words and deeds with critical eyes, we will find the motives of our mind…

      So when someone tells: I love unconditionally – be sure that it is his mind that speaks…

      We are still very blind – in so many cases and it is a life-long struggle to become more and more conscious: Man know thyself…

      Thank you very much, dear friend 🙂


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