We have forgotten what we really are

We’re not the body
Not man, not woman
Not old, not young
Are a smile of the heart
Are soul, drops of light
In the sea of light

Move the body
Like a puppet
Are the vital force
In this house
Are space-ships
Hurrying through the time

We are consciousness
Alive in the moment
Are eternal in the being
Wandering through illusions
Veils of dual worlds
Are cosmic breath

Breathe eternity…

DidiArtist, 19.10.2019



12 comments on “We have forgotten what we really are

  1. Indeed our focus is outside-oriented instead of inside-oriented and thus we declare the outside world as our reality – but this is an illusion…
    All the best to you and yours

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  2. In fact we are living a life illusion, the pump and show of our life is taken as a reality and the role of soul is woefully forgotten or not known at all. Thanks and regars.

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