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  1. All this is true, as you have expressed in your writing about the world virtuale.Io believe that often escapes a true comparison, people avoid the sacrifice and the true learning experience to choose easy paths and appearance. Where is the intelligence and feeling, when we do not live out of laziness but we are really passive in the face of events? Thank you

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    • Excactly, dear Jen – when reading a book of water – can we sqeeze the water out of the book? – so theory and practice are different shoes – theory is important too to a certain extent, but practice is a must to make it our own experience – seeing yourself is believing…

      Thank you, my dear friend, for your profound comment 🙂
      My best wishes for you (for your soul)

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      • Thank you for wishing me what’s good for my soul, Didi. My ego often would prefer the “easy” path, but my soul would prefer the path that brings growth, even if it’s painful to the ego in the short-term. The spiritual life is a wonderful, but sometimes strange experience, my friend!!

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        • Yes, I agree with you that the spiritual life is indeed wonderful but requires also our disciplin, honesty towards our selves and other and of course in front of God who has always His ear at our heart. Spirituality is the way to discover ourselves, to be critcal against our own mind/ego and treat it in the same way as we usual “handle” other people. This discovery of ourself – is a long runnng process – if we learn every day just a bit – it will bring us forward. After we have discovered ourselves – we will discover our Self and when we have discovered our Self we discover God… – we have to become familar with all tricks of the mind in us – how it works, what it wants, when we do something, think something – at once we have to know the motive – and if we see the motive and understand the reason why it wants to go to this way in action or words – it reveals itself then and makes us aware/conscious maybe it wanted recognition, it wanted attention, it reacts with tricky anger, is greedy or lustful – this all we can discover in us and slowly slowy understand this snake mind/ego – with thousand heads like a hydra. – and the time will come when it no longer will keep us in its tricky mechanism – of course with the Grace of God. – Then we will know…

          I wish you much longing, m,y friend, on this spiritual path to open the gate leading to God…

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    • My dear friend,
      infact this is bad learning – to learn from own mistakes and own experiences – sometimes this kind of learning can be accompanied by severe pain but in the end we are able to learn from it and take those pearls to our heart. Book-reading and learning from others may give us something, some understanding and hints, but, but really true wisdom grows from own experiences.

      A time will come, my friend, when you will look back that even bitter medicine we have to take sometimes in our life will contribute to get stronger and to see things from different points of views and horizonts will expand.

      All good wishes to you, especially strength and courage in times of suffering.
      From heart to heart

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  2. This is good, Didi. Experiencing a thing, allows us to have personal encounter, a firsthand account. It offers insight and depth, helping us to gain some understanding and knowledge. Like a footprint, it leaves an impression.

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