Fragmented dream


We are splinters
Of the time
Broken fragments
Of a mirror
Once as smooth as a lake
Leaving a trace
To the past
Spreading life behind
Detaching from moments
A trail of living stars
Swimming in limited senses
Searching for what we are
Standing at the edge
Of the moment
Looking back in the abyss
The mystery of night
Seeing life fading away
Somewhere, elsewhere

Our boat rowing
Towards the horizon
Of a purple morning
Collecting colours
In the breath of now
Reflected in fragments
Gathering life
In the vortex
Beyond time
To dream completion…

DidiArtist, 09.05.2010

32 comments on “Fragmented dream

    • Dear Saania,

      Try not to be dependent on other voices or meanings – when you have good ideas, when you want to express yourself then just do it my friend. We have to stand on our own feet, no matter what other people say, because other people do not know our life, not our backgrounds, not our motives why we do this or that that is why noone has the right to judge over another person – this is only the mind who thinks it is better than others if there is any kind of comparation. So have just courage my friend.

      Love and light to you

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        • My dear Saania,

          Thank you for this beautiful poem, describing your feelings. Indeed, sometimes our soul peeks through us, leaving the mind behind like the sun is peeking through the clouds conveying us warm feelings and hope.

          Thumbs up, my friend!
          Wishing you all that is good for you
          Hugs and love

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          • Thank-you so much, you are such a nice person. I really appreciate your comment πŸ’•
            This was the first poem I ever wrote so was hesitating to post it, but because of people like you I have been able to get so much love and support πŸ™ˆ
            Lots of love

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            • Welcome, dear Saania πŸ™‚
              Go on with writing, writing with the ink of your heart – wait always when you get some inspirations to write, do not force it – when ideas are coming you can also speak on your phone to store them there, because often when we get ideas, we are in situations where we cannot write them down, but this is a help to remember and write them later. Poems written with our hearts are always very precious, at least for oneself as it is the reflection of the heart. So continue, my dear friend – it is a wonderful time you share with yourself to make a translation from your heart into words.

              Hugs and love

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