Sant Kirpal Singh’s Mission – Unity of Man

My dear friends,

I would like to share with you this video about Sant Kirpal Singh’s Mission.

How beautiful would our world be if we understand that we are all one, sitting in the same boat and that all problems can be overcome just by pure love and right understanding  (the love of the heart, not of the mind).

Let us put our hands and hearts together to bring a real change in the world.

Thank you, dear friends πŸ™‚

May you all be blessed by God



More about Kirpal Sagar:

Sant Kirpal Singh – His life and mission:

Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh:

More information about Unity of Man:


24 comments on “Sant Kirpal Singh’s Mission – Unity of Man

  1. Take all the time you need didi. We are with you.
    And I like the video.
    Infact I have always liked Sikhs for the humanitarian works they do. I often share it on social media. They are the first to respond whenever any calamity hits any areas. The langar system in gurudwaras is something all worship places should adopt.
    Lots of love and support to you kind Didi ❀

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      • Thank you Didi.
        How have you been ?
        Oh my gosh. It’s been ages since we chit chatted. I have been so so so busy love with my that they are over I am figuring out my life and writing as well. How can I connect to you other than WordPress and the email ? You can find me on Instagram and Facebook with my name Tajwar fatma. I would love that😍

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        • Dear Tajwar Fatma,

          Thanks, I am fine πŸ™‚ Hope you were successful with all your exams – in my case exams are many many years ago when I studied languages and became a translator.

          You can can leave a message in my wordpress- page (there you find a contact menu which you can use for sending private messages. However, I do not have Facebook and Instragram – and I believe less is more πŸ™‚

          In the contact form you can also leave your mail then we can write together – that is possible too.

          So wishing you a good time and all what is good for your soul.

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