Touch of eternity


Cosmic winds
Touch of eternity
Coat of time
Contractions of joy and grief

Sliding seconds
From moment to moment
Breathing, weaving life
Promise of happiness

Secret silence
Inaudibly singing
Dancing naked
Penetrating the heart

Thoughts on the run
Seek refuge
Pulsate and tremble
Want to rise up

Touched depth
Whispers in echoes
Spirit anchored in causes
Birth of the hour

Light in fraction
Smell of a dream
Derailed time
A touch of eternity

DidiArtist, 30.04.2012


22 comments on “Touch of eternity

  1. Years

    Years pass
    a white caress
    on the hair
    and small furrows
    on the face
    to draw
    the essence
    of a long one
    soft edges
    and fades
    into sense of things
    but soul
    steps and discoveries
    in indelible track

    06.02.2018 Poetyca

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    • Thank you very much, dear Kamal πŸ™‚
      When I was young I was very much interested in philosophy and thought much about time and space, eternity – later those thoughts found also their way to my spiritual poems.
      Have a nice week, my friend
      All good wishes

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  3. Such a trait is found only in personage with a difference and the one who has the virtue of self-realization and is in connect with our LORD, Such a person is always under the spell of His grace. Regards.

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