Quote: “God is a combination…” by Kabir


For more information about Sant Kirpal Singh (Life, Mission, Teaching and Audio) and Unity of Man, please refer to:

Sant Kirpal Singh, – His life and mission
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1894 – 1974), a great Saint of the twentieth century was sent by God as the Saviour. He brought the message of hope for redemption and salvation to the receptive souls, taught them self-patience, love, and inner yearning. He taught the world over the virtues of forbearance, patience, forgiveness, and godliness with deep reverence and became the head-crown of kings and paupers, rich and poor, sinners and pious.

Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh
This website contains basic information about the universal teaching of Sant Kirpal Singh.
It contains a collection of Sant Kirpal Singh’s precious books, lectures, and heart-to-heart talks and some videos which will be extended further on.

Audio – Sant Kirpal Singh
This website hosts audio/video-files of Sant Kirpal Singh.

Unity of Man
Unity of Man is a spiritual movement striving to awake the public opinion to an awareness of unity and promoting inter-religious understanding. It was initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh in 1974 and continued afterwards by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur. The movement is headquartered at Kirpal Sagar, India, a project for the service to man and spiritual development, and maintains a Centre for the West at St. Gilgen, Austria.

All good wishes to everyone


18 comments on “Quote: “God is a combination…” by Kabir

    • Yes, dear Rekha, Kabir was called also the “The father of spirituality” and Kabir Sahib tells His own story when He says, “I came in all four ages – in Satyug (Golden Age) my name was Satsukrat, in Tretayug (Silver Age) my name was Karunamae. When I came in Dvarparyug (Copper Age) my name was Maninder, in Kalyug (Iron Age) my name is Kabir.” In all four Ages He told the people of Naam’s greatness.

      Two very interesting spiritual books by Kabir I would like to recommend: The Anurag Sagar of Kabir and the Dialogues of Kabir – For those being more interlectual and interested in spirituality, these are just the right books…

      The God-into-expression-power was working in Him.

      Thank you my friend 🙂
      All good wishes

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  1. It is all very interesting but I always will believe that you must have a relationship with Jesus for Heave, I find in His Holy Spirit all I need but, unfurtunally I forget at times what need is to, learn how o Meditate. Thank you Didi for been so kind to me. I love you.

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    • When we love God, Christ-power, Master-power, Guru-power (which is all the same only in different names) – and know that God is living in every heart – then we all have love for all our brothers and sisters in Him 🙂

      Thank you, my friend and have a good night


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