Another Layer of an Illusory Reality



The mirror creates its image
Within the reflection
Of a mirror created within the mirror

Another world to keep us away from ourselves
From our own Home, a reality without reflections…

DidiArtist, 22.05.2019


19 comments on “Another Layer of an Illusory Reality

  1. Our true Home is “reality without a reflection” … so beautifully descriptive of Truth, dear Didi!! I think I’ll use your phrasing for a meditation mantra today. All the best from heart to heart, jen

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    • Thank you very much, my dear Jen 🙂

      There is one divine Simran. With the help of God it will enable us to go within, to go beyond the body consciousness and will help us to open the different inner gates, otherwise we remain on the astral plane, highest on the causal plane – there, we are still prisoners of matter and dust, although in very subtle way. Shabd is God, is Guru-power, Master-power, Christ-power.

      All ways gather together to that One path to reach the One, the top of the pyramid.

      People do not know the danger what awaits us inside, and not only here we are deceived in a grand illusion, also in the next 2 worlds, above this world. With the grace of God we can reach the realm of Sach Khand, a place of pure consciousness, where there is no matter, no dust. Here, in this physical world we are mixed with matter and dust and so is our mind – as long as we are not pure in our heart and mind, it is our mind that controls us in millions of ways.

      If you like, dear Jen, then please read what is the purpose of meditation.

      May God bless you, dear friend 🙂
      Stay save and healthy

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        • There is a reason why we react sometimes sad, angry, filled with self-pride etc., my dear Jen. These traces we have to follow, then we understand a bit better how our mind works and we are able to think it over not with the thoughts of our reacting mind but from the root where our thoughts start to vibrate in a neutral way (beyond reaction) – in this way we learn to understand ourselves, we learn even to control our mind that always tries to dictate us how and what we have to feel, how and what we have to think as a reaction.

          From heart to heart, my dear friend 🙂

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