Music in the heart



Music touches the string
Of all hearts listening
Makes bodies tremble
Pouring out emotions

Invisible hands reach each other
Get together,feel together
A flow of dancing sound
Beyond borders, differences

Language of music
Sound of Light
Shining on people
Connecting blood

Rhythm of Oneness
Without words
Spectrum of feelings
Expressed in tears

Man is man
Not divided in tones, notes
Nor in colours or shapes
He is One – in Sound and music

DidiArtist, 22.05.2019



18 comments on “Music in the heart

    • Same with me, dear Saania 🙂
      I love classic (not so much modern classic music), and have many other directions in music – Genesis for example was and is still my favrourite.
      But I also like Irish traditional music, indian music, especially shabads, chorale concerts, belly dance music and all kind of harmonic music.

      Thanks, my dear friend 🙂
      Have a nice weekend


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