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  1. Problem is only that people hide behind names and defend names: One believes in A, the second in B and again another Person in C and so forth. But we should understand that this Oness has all names and no names: it is the Nameless, the Formless Power, it is the deep wordless silence. where there is no space for the imagination and interpretation of the mind – no word can express the size of God, what God really is – all remains an attempt in our sense and mind-language.

    Thank you dear Kamal πŸ™‚
    Light and love to you


  2. Yes when we control our mind it sure becomes our servant and that too very good and yes thanks to Masters who guides us in a proper direction to know who we really are and how do we go about it. Thanks for the awesome words, Didi.

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  3. My dear friend – this credit goes to my Master through him I could learn a lot on the spiritual path: Man know thyself… it is a self-introspection or self-analysis watching like a guard what our mind is doing, what motives it has in its sleeves and so on. Once we understand it more and more we do not go so easily blindly in its trap (usually we do not think if we do this or that, if we eat this or that, how we eat it and so) if the mind controls us then our attention is scattered in all winds, but when we start to control it it may become a good servant…
    Thank you dear friend

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  4. I have visited your blog already many times and now I have given you a comment for one nice story (the one with the chapati) – every now and then I will have a look at your interesting blog too, dear friend.
    Have a great time

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  5. Yes, and especially when we surrender to God 100% – as He is the king naturally we love then all people (as He lives in everyone) – love, devotion and surrender they are the milestone to have love for everyone…
    Thanks for your comment, dear Kamal πŸ™‚
    A happy day to you

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