Social activities in Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

Today I would like to give some information about social activities in Kirpal Sagar.

Selfless help for needy and ill people are a way of keeping distance to one’s own ego,
if there is no self-pride involved in it.

From heart to heart

Kirpal Charitable Hospital

Sant Kirpal Singh whole-heartedly wished to provide help to those people who cannot afford medical care. Thus the hospital became the first facility within the Project taking up its function in 1983.

Various treatments are applied, such as allopathic, homeopathic, and ayurvedic therapies.

Poor people receive free medical treatment and medicine at the hospital. Presently the majority of the patients are treated as outpatients.

The accomplishment of the hospital up to 50 beds with departments of general medicine, pediatric, gynecology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, dialysis center and surgery is under construction.

Furthermore, ambulances reach out to remote villages at central gathering points, such as schools, to provide medical care for people who otherwise would not have a chance to see a doctor. From time to time external eye specialists come to Kirpal Sagar to perform eye operations.

A dentistโ€™s practice at the hospital provides dental care for the people of the neighbouring area and also for the students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy.

Students of the future Medical College will perform their practical training within the hospital. An international student exchange is also planned.

Medical Care

From the very beginning of the Kirpal Sagar project, humanitarian help has been provided to the people of the surroundings. Due to the weak infrastructure of this rural area it is very difficult to get medical treatment, especially for the needy.

Medical camps provided help for patients from the near by villages before the “Kirpal Charitable Hospital” eventually took up its function in 1983 as the first facility within the Project.

Meanwhile a large Hospital complex was constructed with departments of general medicine, pediatric, gynecology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, dialysis centre and surgery.

Disadvantaged people obtain free distribution of medicine and medical care irrespective of caste, colour and creed.

Many volunteers from different countries support the project and some medicine firms in Germany and Switzerland are donating medicines.


Wheel-chairs for disabled people

Selfless service

To serve the poor and the needy is the true selfless service. If you give food to the hungry, you will never feel hungry. If you give water to the thirsty, you will never feel thirsty. How true is the prayer of the meek and unwanted and accursed is the life of him who ignores, and how great and broat-hearted is the one who works selflessly and gives head and heart to overcome the miseries of others. By holding on the treasures of virtues he becomes actionless. So long as one knows not the miseries of others, he knows not the very secret to overcome his own miseries. Wise persons tell us that it is vain to ask for pleasures and shun from pains. More one does, more one feels happy. This is what Sant Kirpal Singh ever felt.

Help for Self-Help

At Surajpur a stitching and sewing school was opened in April 2005, there sewing and needle work courses are offered to enable women to earn their own living. Also, a training for nurses is planned for the future.

Untrained workers can undergo a job-training in the workshops at Kirpal Sagar, which also provide jobs for people with disabilities.

Women empowerment

Since the year 2008 seminaries for women empowerment are organized by the B.ed.College at Kirpal Sagar.


Marriages arranged in Kirpal Sagar for needy and poor people


In the Indian culture, marriage plays an important role but wedding ceremonies are very expensive. Consequently, Unity of Man helps poor families by arranging the wedding and the furnishings for the couples to give them a good start in their family life. The marriage ceremonies are celebrated according to the religious belief of the couples. The newly married couples receive basic equipments needed for a new household: a fully equipped bedroom, furniture for a living-room, kitchen utensils as well as clothes and watches, everything sponsored by Unity of Man.

Disaster relief

Further help is supplied in case of disasters. During the big flood in 2010, two truckloads with emergency supplies were sent to the city of Leh, Ladakh.

Since Kirpal Sagar has its own water supply, big water tanks are put up in neighbouring towns during a big drought, to supply people passing by with drinking water.

The size and variety of the now existing facilities enable to react flexibly in emergency situations. In the home for the elderly for example orphaned children could be accommodated together with their grandfather.

No one can be said to have been born for himself alone, for none can be an island unto himself. To serve the needy, sick and starving, is also a sideline, more effective than mere preaching.
Sant Kirpal Singh


24 comments on “Social activities in Kirpal Sagar

    • Dear Cheryl,

      yes this kind of spirituality has its foundation on practicing all, on putting everything into practice, not just by talking, but by doing and supporting people who are being needy and ill or disabled. Selfless service done in the right way (with putting no pride in it) is the thankfulness in itself. So Kirpal Sagar is a place not only uniting all religions under one roof but also helping people and develop spirituality to become really humane that’s why this place is called Manav Kendra, the meaning of it: man-making place.
      Thank you very much, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a pleasant day

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      • Thank you very much, dear SoundEagle ๐Ÿ™‚
        Happy Diwali to you too, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

        In about 1 week I am travelling again to Kirpal Sagar which is really a beautiful place and an expample in the world how people with even different religions can peacefully live together on the common denominator: that we are all human beings first of all.

        Thank you, my dear friend and have a great day.

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    • Yes, there are good signs at the horizon and more and more people understand that the “old role”, the night will give space for a new sun rise: love and understanding, awakening

      Thanks, dear friend

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    • Thank you very much, dear Christine ๐Ÿ™‚

      Credit goes to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji.

      Service to man is the best medicine against our own ego, pride and mind, if it is done selflessly and without any conditions.
      Have a great time, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Wonderful sharing Didi sir. In Sri Granth Sahib Ji, it has been enunciated that every SIKH should give 10% of his/her sincere earnings for those who need the same. This has been done by all Gurdwaras around the world. The contributions from the Sadhsangat has been feeding the hungry and looking after their shelter needs. This is a Yeoman’s service for the society in general. The shramik or work force which moved from one place to another was helped by the Gurdwaras. Regards.

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    • Indeed, dear friend Harbhans – when we have learnt to share and give without any conditions then we have reached the real selfless service to man, to our land, to our soul, to God. I also have read the Guru Granth Sahib and also my Master Sant Kirpal Singh emphasized how important it is to give at least the 10th of our own honestly earned income, in this way we start to live for other people, not just for us or our own family, because we have learnt that we are all one in the One, brothers and sisters in Him. Once we start to give 10% of what we give that we have got by the sweat of our brow, a time will come when we even give more and more – this is the way also to detach us from our own ego, in the end we know that everything belongs to Him, that nothing is really mine or thine, we are only the administrators of the life given by God. Kabir said: Give, give and give…
      Thank you, dear Harbhans ๐Ÿ™‚
      All that is good for your soul

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    • Thank you so much, my dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes, Kirpal Sagar is really a great place in many aspects, it also helps to develop humanity and become a real man.

      I have been there many times and can only confirm what you say.

      All the best, my friend
      Hugs and love


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