No automatic prayer

Mostly our prayers are wishes
We want this and that
For ourselves and others

Have we forgotten
That God knows our hearts?

If we surrender to Him
Through and through
He takes seat in us

He becomes the Doer in us
While our ego slowly disappears

However, we play with the world
Are not really honest towards ourselves
Accept only what we want

He lives in us
And we live in Him

Our prayers become thoughtless
Connected with Him and wishless
Based on trust and surrender

A matter from heart to heart…

DidiArtist, 07.09.2022


5 comments on “No automatic prayer

  1. I wish my prayers were wishless and that I could hear God as I did so long ago. But my psych meds have all but destroyed my connection! Trying really hard just to talk with God. But still he knows my thoughts and deeds so that is superfluous but it is a start. Thank you, dear Didi, for always being there as an inspiration!! ❣️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    • My dear Ellen,

      This credit goes to my Master and it is not me who deserves this merit, but Him who lives in me.
      Thank you, my dear friend 🙂

      Thank you too for your presence on my blog and your valuable contribution to it.

      Try even to let go of your hard attempt to get the connection back to God, just have full trust in Him without any expectations. Even a single thought can stand inbetween your soul and Him – this is our mind and ego and it is utmost difficult to overcome those hinderances. However, it is God who knows your heart anyway and knows best what is best for His child – sometimes even when passing through the night, there is a purpose behind that we may not understand -but whatever there is with us, first let us accept it under the roof of fully trust of Him. We may also not forget that things that make us feel unhappy are also a result of karmic reactions. If we know that we have to reap what we ourselves have sown (even in far earlier lifes) – then this knowledge helps us to accept even uncomfortable happenings to us. So this trust in Him, without any expectations (as expectations mostly lead to disappointments and angry attitudes “I did not get what I wanted…”, reflecting back to our ego and pride) will help us a lot. If we make one step forward to God with all our honesty and awareness of ourselves, then God will come with thousands of steps forward to us. This all needs patience and an honest self-analysis as we are our own best judge.

      Dear sister, I wish you from all my heart a good journey towards our Father and a deep longing for Him.

      The night will end sooner or later and beams of the inner sun will remove the darkness.

      From heart to heart

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