Pride between opinions


Opposing views
May be so much repelling
That they create huge walls
Between themselves and human beings

It is the pride
That lies in-between
Inability, attachment
Blocking them to come closer

Old paths well-trodden
Unproved, unchecked adopted
With little or no experiences
Teeth defended grindingly

Built on half-truths and less
Binding affinities
Clinging to personal conviction
Lashed views

Oneness broken in opinions
Show that something is wrong
When people go apart
Leave the circle of unity

DidiArtist, 14.05.2018


14 comments on “Pride between opinions

    • Dear Dany

      Thank you very much for your comment. As all is subject to a time factor and as man is in the making, some need more time for their development others less time to learn and understand that we are all one and treat us accordingly. When different opionions clashes together in this moment it seemes that it is a waste of time, if each of them both dig in their heels – but life goes on, offers us new opportunities so that also the possibility may occur that one of them or even both may learn from it – even afterwards (to become aware of own mistakes while arguing) – in the moment of clashing differences – it may look indeed different. So everything depends on how we view at a matter, how we evaluate a situation – then all is in relative process, point of view.

      In my poem I tried to express when two argue about different point of views that both are defending according to their experience and background that they are not in the circle of oneness or harmony – and what is not in harmony and oneness can’t be really on the right track (unless to go a longer way of understanding and development) – even here we have different possibilites: both are wrong and produce just mental pollution, one is “right” and the other is “wrong” – then the one being maybe more advanced should treat the other person nevertheless with kind words and hints but also to make it clear not to fall into intellectual wrestling (otherwise time would be wasted again) – when both are “right” – there would be no argument as both would speak from the point of view of oneness, unity – and as long this is not the case – both fall into the trap of the mind. Each of us is unique in its own way therefore we should have also respect to those which have different opinions but should not walk on their glue to steal our attention and time. It is good not just to see the bad thing in a person, even if 99% are spoilt – then we can see this 1% in which that person is good and give him or her our respect and appreciation. All depends how we look at a matter as earlier said: and all points of views are relative, differ from themselves. So we can also say that we can learn from each other, as each one is a single wheel in the vast machinery of God as each one has something that we do not have, maybe other tasks, other functions to contribute to this Oneness, or vast machinery. You are right that a diologue or a communicating contact should always lead in friendliness and respect. However, as we are millions and millions of people there are also millions of different communicating contacts and treatments according to the situation – and sure is, not all are pleasing…

      Thank you for your attention, thoughts and words given to this subject: “Pride between opinions”

      All good wishes

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    • Dear Dany

      In short words: Everything that separates is not Unity, not Oneness – but sometimes we have to separate in order to become One again, under different aspects and horizons.

      Have a pleasant evening time


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