11 comments on “Focus on God

  1. Dearest Didi — My heart is hugging your heart, because you have so simply and beautifully captured the Truth of our existence. If we can but stay in the eternally-present present moment with God, it is a blessing to us and to God, and it allows us to bring God’s blessing to all those we meet.
    From heart to heart in Oneness, jen

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    • Thank you very much, my dear Jen 🙂

      Yes, often the truth is very simple but we people load it with complicated understanding, thus block our own way to understand a simple truth 🙂

      Within the next few days (maybe already tomorrow) I am going to share a 4 minute video that truely speaks about “Right understanding” and is going to lay it at our feet.

      My heart also embraces yours, my dear Jen.
      Love and light to you and many warm hugs


    • I feel honoured my dear Pam and I pass forward your thanks to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji – as everything that I know now is His merit.

      May you also be blessed, my dear friend Pam 🙂
      Lots of hugs

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