34 comments on “Signal of love

  1. Aside from loving your wise words in this and many other posts, I am amazed and puzzled by the artwork. Is it computer generated art or am I not allowed to ask that? I love some of it so much!! And am amazed by your productivity. You are obviously connected to the Source. Blessings, Ellen

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    • Thank you very much, dear Ellen – yes my art-work is computer-generated, it is digital art – in my family, there are real artists, but I am an artificial artist, means I do the job with the help of a computer – in this way I can realize my ideas often as a kind of photo-collage, means that one photo consists usually of many single photos put and merged together, this also allows me to create photos who go along my poems, the content of my poems.

      Yes, through my Master I have direct contact with the source.

      May God bless you, my dear friend

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  2. I love this, Didi, truly I do, but I’m curious, my friend, whether your use of β€œnear” was to indicate physical proximity, spiritual/soul proximity, or perhaps both? From heart to heart, jen

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    • My dear Jen,

      Let me give you a small story given by my Master: If there is a big family with many children and grown ups and the father is going to leave the body to whom he would hand over the key of the house? – He would give it to the one who is most reliable, who is really taking care of family and house and nevertheless has love for everyone. So “near” means when someone is really reliable, is conscious of his or her deeds, words and thoughts. I hope I could make myself better understand with this example.
      From heart to heart big hugs


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