A projected world

The visible and invisible world
Is something becoming in being
A being in the becoming

Our perception realizes
The being, the reality
A reversed projection…

DidiArtist, 02.11.2019


13 comments on “A projected world

    • Really good question, dear friend Ianus 🙂
      when the drop in the water sees only the world consisting of millions of drops then the drop does not see the whole picture, the whole Ocean. So how to see the whole Ocean? Definitely not with our outer eyes, eyes and ears that separate everything, but going inside and see the worlds and beyond with our inner eye (third eye, single eye, shiv netra etc.) above the body will give us a new perspective, a new point of view. Outside everything is duality, is separated and perceived with our sense organs while inside, with the help and grace of God we will come across the inner Light and inner Sound from which all religions present the symbols in the form of candlelight, bell sound or gong, etc. Christ said: “If thy eye be single your whole body will be full of light” – in the same way, all competent Masters speak of this inner light and sound which one can experience as those Masters have experienced it themselves. Be it Rumi, Shamz e Tabrez, Kabir, Christ, Lord Buddha, Sant Kirpal Singh, Guru Nanak etc.. – in this way our mind and ego dissolves in the whole, the drop becomes the Ocean – as there is and was no-one else than Him who has no end and beginning, the Alpha and Omega – we all are those fragments of this All-in-all-Consciousness, but as fragments we see only fragments – in reality, we not even existing as the One is One with all and everything, is unbreakable – I hope I could give you some meaning for it as this subject is very wide and big.
      All the best, my friend 🙂

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