Story: Buddha rejects present


An Excerpt of the book “Morning Talks” by Sant Kirpal Singh



A man once went to Lord Buddha and began to insult Him like anything. He went on in this way for one, two, three hours, until it got dark. When night fell, he wanted to go away. So Lord Buddha said, “Well dear friend, just tell me one thing.” The man asked what Buddha wanted to know, to which Buddha replied, “If anybody brings some present to somebody and if that person does not accept it, with whom is it left?” The man replied, “With the person who brings that present.” “Well,” said Buddha, “the present you have brought, I don’t accept it.”







14 comments on “Story: Buddha rejects present

  1. This is beautiful. I wish I had known these things when I was young, and perhaps I would not have had so much pain. Thank you so much. Beautiful!

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    • Welcome, dear Anne 🙂
      Of course knowledge must go along with own experience, just to know something is not enough indeed. The biggest effect knowledge has on us when we have learnt it through a practical way.

      Thanks, dear friend
      All good wishes


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