Inner journey


The source of sunbeams
Is the sun
Divided rivers
Of attention
Flow in all directions
Of the world – source:
Ocean of consciousness

When jamming all the waters
From all rivers
Leaving this source
Flowing outside
Attention remains
Changing the direction
From out to in

As one attention
Inward journey
Through astral,
Causal, super-causal worlds
To the plane
Of pure consciousness
Nacked reality

Putting off the dresses
Of physical, astral,
Causal, super-causal bodies
While the inner journey continues

From there the real journey begins
To one’s eternal home – to the Absolute God…

DidiArtist, 09.04.2017



26 comments on “Inner journey

    • Thank you dear friend 🙂
      In fact they represent the different body, like layers of on onion,: 1. our physical body, then astral body, then kausal body (on this plane there is no separation anymore between thoughts and deeds: they are one there), then super-kausal body and finally, where the real spiritual journey starts: the plane of pure consciousness, called Sach Khand, home of the competent Masters – the journey continues until the 8th plane – there is the Absolute God, from all lower planes (from the highest) we come across God into expression power which enfolds in two aspects: Light and Sound that permeates the whole creation. Light and Sound we also find in all religions as outside symbols standing for our inner Light and Sound.

      Thank you for your attention and interest in it, dear friend 🙂
      Have a great weekend

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