Slamming doors



Pride in knowledge
Shuts doors…

DidiArtist, 18.07.2018



14 comments on “Slamming doors

  1. I can understand this in most contexts, but I am 76, and in 2016 I suffered cancer and had surgery for it in May of that year, and then graduated in October of the same year. I feel proud of being able to graduate because I had so much to overcome and I worked so hard to do it. Throughout my life I have suffered immense trauma and physical challenges, so I guess I feel proud that although I faced so much, I went on to do the best I could in my life and also to serve others all of my life. Is this the same thing as what you are talking about? I am proud of what I learned; as a child I was told that I was stupid and would never amount to anything. To me I guess I am glad that I have knowledge. Studying and learning is what helped me to stay alive when I felt like ending it all. I would lose myself in that study and I felt so much joy in learning new things.

    At the end of the Vietnam War, my little brother came home with 100% disability, and it gave me the heart to help those with physical/developmental/emotional challenges, and I have pretty much done that the rest of my life. So yes, I am proud of my knowledge for I have put it to good use. I worked in the school districts as a substitute for those with special needs, and outside, I have been a volunteer since I was 14 to help others in the same ways. It has been the joy of my life. I love to teach others that they CAN be something no matter what they lack when I meet them and that they too can live and serve others. Sometimes they can barely read, but I tell them to be proud of what they do know, and I let them know that we ALL know more than we think we do – we might be a good cook, or know how to clean a house good, but that is knowledge too, and these folks need very much to hear that they are valuable human beings who have a gift to share with the world and to help make it better. So to me, it is not a bad thing to have knowledge and to be proud of it, especially if you can use it well to benefit the earth in some way.

    Thank you so much. I am not trying to be argumentative, but I guess there are situations like this where being proud of what we do know is not a bad thing. When I see one of my special needs children use their knowledge, no matter how limited, I am proud of them, and I know they are proud too.

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    • Thank you, dear Anne πŸ™‚
      Everyone is of course reponsible for himself or herself – this is due to our experiences we have made. Life is a good teacher and somtimes it directs us in other directions according to our experience and we all learn from each other.

      Have a great time, dear Anne

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  2. Nicely put! πŸ€— Selfishness closes door as well. But I don’t believe we always be selfish or prideful on purpose. Hurting people cause disarray to their environment and the people around them, not to mention themselves. But God is good and able to break through that bondage over time! ❀️❀️

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    • Thanks, dear Carly πŸ™‚

      What did Christ say: “If you love me, follow my commandments…” If we really follow His commandments, we would be really free of problems that we cause in the interaction of people. Only when we start ourselves to improve us, to weed out all our shortcomings one by one, then we do a big step towards God and when we make one step, God will approach us with thousands of steps…

      Thanks, dear Carly and have a great day

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      • Yes! I love that you said, β€œGod will approach us with a thousand steps.” I would venture to say even if fail or choose not to follow Him, He will approach us with a thousand steps. But those steps are MEANINGFUL when walk with His purposes in mind. πŸ˜€

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        • Thank you very much, dear Carly πŸ™‚

          I believe that God wants us to bring in our sincere efforts to become a good person. A wait and see attitude would not bring us forward. Consciousness does not come alone, it often has to go even through suffering. Unfortunately many people behave like they could sin endlessly as Christ has sacrificied Himself – and how is our world, dear Carly – it is full of problems… Many also think that they will go to heaven after this life – how is this possible – as dirty as we still are? No, in the Bible we have: “Those who have a pure heart they will inter into the kingdom of God…” – we have to become very honest to ourselves, to others and to God to whom we cannot hide our thoughts, words and deeds. – and this is our part, to be very serious regarding our own shortcoming, our sincere efforts that God surely wants to see from us. As long as we are as dirty as we are still, there is no way to enter the kingdom of God… May we pray to God that He may help us in our sincere effort get rid of our dirt and become pure and conscious, to become the love, the light and life of God…

          Thank you, dear Carly – I wish us all good progress on our way back Home…

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