Selfless Service – by Sant Kirpal Singh

An excerpt from the book: “Morning Talks” by Sant Kirpal Singh



Selfless service is done in two ways. The first way is physical service. If somebody is sick, go and serve him. Shall I see somebody in need, hungry, naked, poor fellow? The Masters have always been for the poor, for the needy, to console them, to raise them up to the level of every man. If we do that, if everyone would share with others, there would be no poor in the world. Why are men so needy and hungry? Because we don’t share. So by sharing with others, our self expands. At the very moment of giving you feel a little joy within. That is the compensation you get, direct. But whenever you give, don’t give with the hope that you will have a return. Give for the sake of sharing with others. Sometimes we give for the reward that we will get in heaven. This is not the way, selfless giving is what is needed. This is one of the qualifications for one who would like to progress on the Spiritual way. So he is a man, who lives for others, who shares with others, with the needy, with the hungry, with those who are in very poor circumstances and cannot go on. What do we do? We feed our children very richly, while the children of our neighbours die of hunger. This is not what is wanted.

One of the Mohammedan saints, who happened to be a lady, once prepared to go to Mecca on pilgrimage. Mecca is a place of pilgrimage for Mohammedans and is located in Arabia. She had some money for the journey and as she was about start, she noticed some poor, hungry fellow in the neighbourhood. She gave away everything to him and so was not able to go to the place of pilgrimage. What was the result? An angel appeared to her and said that her pilgrimage had been accepted. You follow what is meant? The man who lives on his own earnings, earned by the sweat of his brow, honestly, and who shares with others, such a man only is fit to progress on the Spiritual way. Give not for the sake of compensation or return. Give for the sake of sharing with others. That is your duty towards your brothers and sisters.

A mother, whose children are hungry, will take out a morsel from her own mouth and give it to the children. She does not care for any return. So help others with that angle of vision, with that spirit. We give sometimes for show. That is only for name and fame. That charity is no charity. Christ said, “If one hand gives, the other hand should not know”. If one hand gives something, let not your other hand know about it. So this is what is meant by charity.




9 comments on “Selfless Service – by Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. Thank you, thank you, my dear Kamal 🙂 – yes, yesterday we celebrated Guru Nanak`s 550 birthday anniversary – now this power is working directly and no living Master is necessary now. It is said that God, God in Man, came two times – when the Golden Age has passed then competent Master from the region of Sach Khand will come again and also this highest power again during the further Yugas – as it happened with Kabir…
    Be warmly embraced, dear sister 🙂


  2. This I am doing right now – serivce to ma, to the poor and needy people in India – I am in Kirpal Sagar now.
    Love and light to you, my lovely friend 🙂


  3. Selfless words of selflessness explained so truly by Sant Kirpal and the whole message was to give and give to the needy and doing charity is real happiness that we get by serving others. Thanks so much for your valuable share, Didi

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  4. I so love this. We were put here on earth, I believe, not to accumulate for ourselves, but to help keep the earth alive and well, and that means its people, its animals, and every manner of living thing.

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