Quote: God is the tree… by Kabir



…We should all become more respectful and more humble to each other and to God’s whole creation…
All good wishes to everyone 🙂



9 comments on “Quote: God is the tree… by Kabir

  1. Indeed, my dear friend Kamal – here on earth there is wordly love existing, in most cases (this love is not eternal it is based on give and take in the karmic process, but the soul love, which is from the same essence as that of God, this is eternal, however but it is burried under the activities of our mind and ego. If we really love God with all our heart, then we will have love for everyone with no exception, including ourselves. So worldly love is mind and ego-love. So to love God, with His help, we have to overcome our own mind and ego – there can be only One and this is He, if we are there (with our mind and ego) He is not there, but vise versa – only He exists…
    Thank you one more time, dear Kamal 🙂
    Lots of hugs


  2. Welcome, my dear Amira – yes, I agree and join to your hope that more and more people become conscious, compassious, understand that thought of oneness, then also our brothers and sisters in a lower form, animals and plants will be respected. As long as man has heart made of stone, how can he be humble? he does not hear the cries of animals being killed, he does not have those ears to hear them crying -violence is also a sign of ignorance… and when 1 million people say kill this animal and eat it – they do so without losing a thought of it… (when so many people are doing the same thing then it cannot be wrong… this is their alibi and conclusion…) – but a time will come in which understanding will grow…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words with me, dear friend
    Have a great time

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    This touched my heart dear Didi! I cry every time I see animal abuse, abuse to people, and forests being cut in a heartless manner, our planet destroyed…. I hope the day will come when all humanity feel love and compassion for all living creatures and see God in everyone! Thank you for this beautiful poem by Kabir!!!

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