Story: – Guru Nanak – Told by Dr. Harbhajan Singh



When Guru Nanak went to Multan, a city which was full of Saints, many, many Saints there, so-called Saints. Guru Nanak went there. Others also went there, but Guru Nanak went for a special purpose. His purpose was to realise them the very truth for what purpose they were coming. So when Guru Nanak went there, they offered one cup full of milk up to the brim. Guru Nanak didn’t take it, He put the flower on it and sent it back. It meant like this: “I have come over here, but will live here like a flower – I will not disturb, I will give the smell – my purpose is different.” …



20 comments on “Story: – Guru Nanak – Told by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

    • Indeed, my friend and He was sent from the highest region as a messenger to revive the ancient teaching that there is a real purpose and sense in our life… to get to know ourselves, our Selves to attain God-realization – not just in words but in a practical matter….
      In the Golden Age no living Master is needed as the Highest one has no successor and is working directly and independently – while all other competent Master from Sach Khand onwards have to follow the instructions from the Highest One, thus they are dependent…

      Now we celebrated here Guru Nanak`s 550 birthday anniversary.

      All the best, dear Harbans 🙂

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