The true Bread and Water of Life – by Sant Kirpal Singh

Excerpt from the book “Morning Talks” by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji


Guru Nanak said, “I speak what God makes me speak, I speak as it comes from above. I am simply a mouthpiece”. Such a human pole at which God is manifest is called a Saint or a Master. He gives you such a gift which nobodyelse on earth can give you. No son of man can do it. No intellectual can give it to you. So this is what the Masters give when they come. Although references to these facts are made in the books, pity it is that they are not explicitly explained in them. The references are made but who will interpret the true import of what is said? Only a man who has lived it can do this. He explains in a clearcut manner and in very few words. You understand now what the Master gives? He is intoxicated with the Elixir of Life and whoever goes to Him also gets a cup of the same Elixir. The competence of the Master lies in not giving theories or lectures, or explaining what past Masters said, but to give you first in theory and then a demonstration of the theory in a practical experience. This is really where the greatness of the Master lies. So this is the Bread and Water of Life, which the Masters have been giving in the past. The formations that resulted from their teachings were made for the purpose of enabling more people to have that Bread of Life. So long as the practical God-in-man or man-in-God was amongst them, they enjoyed that privilege. When the formations became devoid of such Personalities or human bodies at which God was working, these very formations became stagnations and stagnation results in deterioration. An intellectual can give you all of these statements by word but cannot demonstrate or give a cup of that Elixir, by giving some capital to start with. Many so called masters come with their propaganda, but they give only the theory. They tell you to repeat this or that mantra or words. That alone won’t do. Our Master used to say, “Any little girl spinning a wheel can give you the five words. That means nothing, it is the demonstration which counts”. The greatness of the Master lies in the fact that He is competent to give you some capital to start with, by withdrawing your attention from outside and raising it above body consciousness. He opens your inner eye to see the Light of God and to hear the Voice of God, maybe little or more. That depends upon each man’s background. But you must have something to start with. He who can give that Bread or Water of Life is called a Saint. This is why the Masters have been so highly spoken of in sacred literature, whether they belonged to one country or another. To meet with such a Master is a great blessing.




13 comments on “The true Bread and Water of Life – by Sant Kirpal Singh

  1. Dear friend,

    Yes, it is great blessing which goes even beyond the lifetime – when death is knocking at our door then friends and relatives cannot come with you, but this great friend, father, and brother – He goes with you…

    All the best and much love to you

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  2. Good morning, dear Jen 🙂

    Yes, I know this story between the Shams e Tabrez and Maulan Rumi – it really shows that we have to live everything practically, not by just hearing or reading things. ” Once there was one person who was reading a book about water and a holy person asked him if he could quench his thirst, if he could drink the water from the book? – and if he could squeeze even one drop of water out of the book?…” – this is only theory. Shams and Rumi both practised the same teaching as that of Guru Nanak, Kabir, (all competent Gurus within the Sikh-line), Christ, and Sant Kirpal Singh and other competent Teachers, Masters or Gurus.

    Thank you very much for your precious comment, my dear friend Jen.

    From heart to heart

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  3. Good evening, dear Didi. I really like this piece. It’s a very important teaching from your master. This line — “An intellectual can give you all of these statements by word but cannot demonstrate or give a cup of that Elixir” — reminds me of a story I read once of when Rumi met Shams Tabriz, of how Rumi was book smart, a well-respected teacher in his father’s academy, but Shams threw Rumi’s book into a fountain and told him to start living what he had been reading about, and only then did Rumi experience God in a way that caused him to become the mystical poet we remember today.
    Through books, we can learn about others’ experiences “of God” but to “know God” we must put down the books and be blessed to find someone whose very essence shows us the way… from heart to heart, jen

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