Scenes of Kirpal Sagar

Dear friends,

In Kirpal Sagar, there is also a library meant for a comparative study of different religions – to understand the basic idea of what all religions have in common, where there is a common denominator. Thus holy scriptures of different religions can be read there.
Wishing you all the best, my friends, with sunshine in your heart.


4 comments on “Scenes of Kirpal Sagar

  1. Yes, it is a really beautiful place and one, when entering Kirpal Sagar, can feel at once the high atmosphere, vibration. In 2 weeks I am going to travel there again for 2 weeks. Its like an island of bliss where one can relax from the every-day-life (not as holiday as but to work for the poor and needy people that they can get free operations, medications and that Kirpal Sagar continous to shine like a smal paradies).
    All the best my friend

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