Right Understanding – Sant Kirpal Singh

Yogis leave the world, Rishis, and Munis leave and the Sant who is sent by God leaves the world, but the Param Sant (God Himself) never leaves… …with Him we must come in contact.

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  1. Hope so to you for you, dear friend πŸ™‚ This is then just the very start, then the real journey via own experiences begins. May we all be blessed with right understanding.
    Have a nice weekend πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you very much, dear friend and I am happy that you want to get full understanding of it. However, we should also know that by spiritual difinition of our mind, not only emotions and feelins belong to it, but also our intellect. The river is never able to fully understand the Ocean, unless it becomes the Ocean. Also scientists have now understood that we cannot explain everything but we may describe things – it is like that because we are all fragments of the one truth, of Oneness, drops of the Ocean – but intellect can be a good helper, if it is not too much under the influence of the mind. The mind in turn is under the influence of the sensual organs – but mind receives the power from the soul – the theoretical aspekt of the ancient teaching that all competent Masters have taught, in one opinion, we need to be familar with. Then slowly we understand to a ceartin extent, the functioning of our own mind (especially through self-analysis, self-introspection), then we are also able to understand the purpose of the chakras within, or of the three nadis:

    Quote begin:
    The way in the middle

    O Kabir, follow the narrow path in the middle, that’s the only way to cross the ocean!
    If you take to extremes and fall on either side, you are sure to be drowned!


    The Saints have never recommended any course of discipline neither of yogic practices nor using the pranas, the kundalini power or anything else. They have always laid stress on Naam or Word, the primal Light and Sound Principle of God-head. Sant Kirpal Singh

    Three Nadis

    There are three Nadis (subtle tubes) in the front – left and right there are Ida and Pingala, and in the middle Sushmana.

    Ida and Pingala are material and enter into the astral and causal plane, whereas the Sushmana is not material, it is invisible and reaches above the region of matter. Our soul has to transcend from this central Nadi to reach the plane of consciousness.

    On the right side, there are the moon and the stars, on the left side there are the sun and the creations. When you meditate and you have a wish – as subtle it may be – at once your mind identifies with it, and it will take you either to the left side or to the right side; both are governed by the negative power. There are the creations, and these are the barriers for the soul.

    What will happen? You will see the light, you will get emotional, and you will drop down. People see sceneries, flowers, or say that angels appear to them and so on. But these β€œexperiences” were never accepted by the competent Masters. They leave Ida and Pingala and the lower chakras aside and follow the narrow path in the middle starting in the darkness at the Third Eye. This is a way where you have not to go left or right into the astral and causal worlds but cross them directly in the middle transcending to the purely spiritual planes.

    Harbhajan Singh

    It is not possible to pass through the Third Eye by own force. It is no path of self-salvation. The Third Eye will only be opened through Gods grace.
    Quote end

    *can be read here:

    Many people believe that they are the body, because we have identified us with the body so much that we have forgotten that this power, the life-impulse, soul, is the “energy” that moves the body. For example: We drive the car: the car is then the body, when taking off the key, it does not work, same as if our breathing has ended, we leave the body.

    This all is important to know what expects us inside when meditating in the right way (almost the whole world is doing it because it is in fashion, but they do not know inner construction of the first three worlds and not danger of it which goes along with it. That is why we have to know the theoretical aspect first, before we start practising and tuning our life according to it. In this way, step by step we can make progress and become more conscious.
    Thank you, dear friend πŸ™‚

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  3. The spirit identified so much with the mind and the physical body that after a few years it takes on a completely different identity. Love this piece. Having a full understanding of that statement is my goal.

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