Do not think evil of others (a talk by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji)



(an excerpt from Sant Kirpal Singh’s book: “Mornings talks”)


Never hurt anybody. We hurt others by thinking ill of them. We think ill of others, we scheme. This is wrong, as thoughts are very potent. When you think ill of others that reacts to them like a telegraphic wire. You may not be telling anybody anything but if you think of them, radiation is there. Once Akbar, who was a great Emperor of India, was told by his minister that thoughts were very potent and that great care should be taken in what we think of others. Akbar asked his minister how he knew this. The minister said, “All right, I will give you a concrete example. Let us go outside.” So both of them went outside and they saw one man coming towards them at a distance of a few furlongs. The minister said to the king, “Look here, just think something about this man in your mind and when he comes near, you might ask him what crossed his mind at that time. You are only to look and think.” The king thought in his mind that this man should be shot. The man approached the king and the king asked him, “When you saw my face, what thoughts crossed you mind?” The man said, “Emperor, excuse me, but I thought that I should beat you with my fists and break your head.” So thoughts are very potent. If you think evil of others, the other man will react. You should be careful how you speak to people. If you speak ill to another and say “You are a fool” and things like that, or if somebody calls you a name and you react in the same way, what is the result? There will be a flare-up. A man calls you once, twice and that results in a fight. This is by words, their very root is the thought. A man speaks out of the abundance of his heart. Whatever is lying there, those things take the form of words, then words lead to fighting. So don’t hurt the feelings of others, in thought, word or deed. Even in very religious places, if a dozen men are working together they start thinking evil of one another, with the result that the thoughts radiate and react in another’s mind. You follow my point? The heart is the Throne of God. The body is the Temple of God. If you defile the Throne where God is, then who will sit there? So blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Purity mainly lies in not thinking evil of others, in thought, word and deed. There are other factors too, but this is the main factor. Wherever you sit, even in an Ashram, if one man thinks of somebody else, that goes round like anything. That is just like a plague, an infection. A rat infested by plague goes around and spreads that infection everywhere. So this is a very strict condition, “Don’t be the unpaid apprentices of the C.I.D. of God. Don’t take the law into your own hands.” If you think good of others, you will radiate good. If you purify your mind you will purify the minds of others. By thinking ill of others, we spoil our own Temples of God first and then defile them. Outwardly, we are all right, quite clean, but our hearts are impure. We are defiled by thinking ill of others. We are all parts of the same machinery. If even one part is out of order, the machinery will stop working. So that is why it is said , “Wanted – reformers, not of others, but of themselves”. Charity begins at home. We should first reform ourselves. Example is better than precept. So today’s subject is “Don’t think evil of others, in word, deed and mind”. If you think of anybody else, always think good of them. Why? because they are your brothers and sisters in God. God is active in every heart. Our bodies are the Temples of God. If we think evil, first we defile our Temples, then we defile others. Instead we should think, “Peace be unto all the world over, under Thy Will O God.” This is what Guru Nanak gave out in His prayer. Let all the world be happy. How can it be happy if you defile everybody! So the foremost thing is, not to think evil, speak evil or hear evil of others. If you come to know something then it is for you to just keep it to your own self and try to privately tell others concerned for their own well being. We should not become reformers of each other. We should reform ourselves first. If we have sympathy for others, we should tell them privately what we think that they are doing wrong. Then the other person will care to listen. If a blind man is there, and you say, “O Blind Man” he will take it to heart. If we simply say, “Well dear friend, when did you lose your sight?” the purpose is served. There are ways and means to express. So speaking, you might say, is an art. The same words that carry a loving and peaceful effect can also create fire. This is what we have to guard against. So we should not think evil of others at heart, in mind, word or deed. God is not difficult to meet, but it is difficult to be a man. Man is in the make. God is seeking after a man who is a man. So when you are ready, God will come and also give you a commission. I went to London, I remember, on my first tour. There were two children about 7 or 8 years old, that were given Initiation for hearing. I asked them, “What do you want?” “We want to become Masters,” they said. “All right,” I said, “you have been put on the Way, improve, progress on the Way and you might be selected as a Master.” God is after finding out some man who is a man, so that His work may go on. It is not for us to pray for this, but for God to select who is fit for the job. Hankering or only propaganda to have that position which is not in man’s hands won’t do. It is a commission from God. I told the children, “Well, you may become a Master, that’s all right. You have been put on the Way, go on with it and you may be selected as a Master.” Each one has after all, to come to perfection. It is no sin. Every saint has his past and every sinner his future. This starts where? From our own self. First of all, we should not think evil. If there is evil in your mind, out of the abundance of heart a man speaks. That radiates, by thought and by word. First and foremost, this is the Teaching of the Masters. We should examine our own self and see how we stand, where we stand. Because these things are there, how can we aspire to become Masters! So purity of mind is essential. Let it not be defiled by the thinking of evil thoughts. You should pray for forgiveness. You should also forgive and forget. Generally, we don’t forget. We say, “Oh I don’t mind,” but that poison goes on working in our mind. That affects, sooner or later. So whenever anybody hurts your feelings in word or deed, forgive. Forgiveness is the only sweet water that will wash away all dirt. Justice won’t do it, mind that! If you want justice, then that will react. Forgiveness only washes away all dirt. Forgive and forget, this is the way to Spirituality. A man once went to Lord Buddha and began to insult Him like anything. He went on in this way for one, two, three hours, until it got dark. When night fell, he wanted to go away. So Lord Buddha said, “Well dear friend, just tell me one thing.” The man asked what Buddha wanted to know, to which Buddha replied, “If anybody brings some present to somebody and if that person does not accept it, with whom is it left?” The man replied, “With the person who brings that present.” “Well,” said Buddha, “the present you have brought, I don’t accept it.” So these are the things to be developed in us and lived up to. If you live up to them, your thoughts, your radiation will change. It is not a matter, I think, of acting or posing, it is a matter of living. The Masters used to say, “Those who live up to what I say, I am their servant, they are my bosses. I will serve them to the best I can.” Truly any son, who would be obedient to his father and would do all things what he wants, naturally he is most dear to the father. This is not done by mere outward assent, acting or posing, because the mind radiates. The Master knows the mind, not the outward things. These things are not explained in general talks. They are heart to heart talks in which you are being given these topics. The secret of success is to keep your mind unalloyed.


25 comments on “Do not think evil of others (a talk by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji)

  1. Yes, dear Francis, the Father or Mother never gives poison to the child. If we understand that God dwells in the temple of the human body, in each of us, then we may develop respect to each other as brothers and sisters in Him, because if we hurt anyone, speak bad of anyone, we hurt God, we speak bad of Him – this all in ignorance. So we really need the power of discrimination and should be even without any violence in our thoughts, the roots of words and deeds…
    Thank you very much for your contribution and support, dear friend 🙂
    From heart to heart 🙂


  2. Thank you very much for sharing such an important post.Yes,we need to think well of others so that evil will remain far from us and so long we ask the Lord to be kind and generous to all we don’t really need to ask him to be kind to us and even if someone prays to the Lord for evil to befall upon us he will never ever allow it to happen.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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  3. The analogy of bag is most relevant one. It hardly knows what is coming and going from it.

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s sagacious spoken words.


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  4. Indeed, the competent Masters provide us with the purpose of life, give us a first-hand experience, like cash-payment to continue on the path of spirituality and mulitply it. In this connection Kabir once said: “if we do not know the purpose of our life, to solve the mystery of life and death, where do we come from, where we have to go, then we are merely like bag bellow, in which air is getting in and out without any purpose…

    Thank you, my dear friend and all that is good for you (these were the words spoken by Dr. Harbhajan Singh when ending a spiritual lecture)

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  5. These MASTER do make difference in our lives. They first experience life, then codify these experiences in words and exhort us in a gentle way to follow these experiences so as to make our lives sublime and worth living.


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  6. Yes, He is a competent Master who can also give a real first-hand experience of inner Light and Sound from which Christ says: “If your eye is single your whole body will be full of light…”

    Thanks, my dear friend 🙂
    Warm hugs

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  7. Thank you very much, my dear friend 🙂
    According to the words of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, we are all in the making. May we make the best of it and use this new year to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones.

    All the best, dear friend 🙂

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  8. Thank you very much, dear Anne 🙂
    I am glad to have your positive contribution here, thanks my friend 🙂

    The problem is also from where we start to love everyone: if we only love a few people then we exclude automatically millions of other people – so how can we reach all with our love and good thoughts? – yes, by loving God first, as God is residing in every heart – in this way we can love everyone, to love God in everyone (not the mind that is usually in control of us) – indeed, dear Anne, this world is not our world, we are only visitors for a limited time – although we live in this world but we are not from this world. We are here to become real human beings, real human in all realms and by this we have to go through the school of life – the more we develop us and free us from the dust of our mind, the purer our heart will become and a scent will spread and infect others too, will linger on their spirit.

    Here on earth we are polished and smoothed to become a shining diamond…

    Thank you very much dear friend and all good wishes

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  9. Thank you kindly, Didi. This makes good sense, all of it, and I am glad for your thinking. More and more today we have to face these challenges and keep our own peace of mind and ability to not react to everything that we encounter in our lives. These things have existed long before our lifetimes, and they will exist long after we are gone. People have to learn how to rethink their values in life and how they think of others in this world as well. If mankind is unwilling to change its value system, the earth will continue to suffer. Hoping that each person who is trying to change will stay strong and be guided by the light.

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  10. Dear Anne,

    I fully I understand your point and it is indeed not easy to handle this when seeing that a crime is done to a child. What do the great Sants and Christ tell us about those thing? – “God loves the sinner but hates his sins…” So there is a kind of differentiation: We can honour in each person God in him or Her (as God lives in each and everything, as there is nothing apart of God) – but the sins done may really not have our approval – to react then is also necessary, to react against a mind that causes damage to others. If we do not put ourselves to the same level of the level of a crime (by using eye for eye, tooth for a tooth – but by a balanced mind which does not want a revenge) – in this connection I want to share with you a personal experience which I have made in my life: I was working in a hospital and there was one person who always wanted to find mistakes in his so-called competitors. So it often happened that he went to the boss and told, oh Didi has done this or that – he told it in order to appear good in the eyes of the boss – it was a kind of workplace bullying. However, I did not think bad of him and weeks later he told that his notebook broke down and that he cannot afford to buy a new one. Then I told him that I have another Notebook which I can give him, fully functional. He was really shocked about it – instead of expecting me to hate him or to treat him similar, he saw me treating him in a friendly way. It took him a while to digest it and then he stopped to bully me and we became even friends. Why we see so much crime in the world because those people had also lack of love. It is right to react when they commit crimes and even to children and as I said it is not easy how to find the right reaction to it. And it also depends on the situation and each case maybe considered differently. However, there is no-one who can claim he has no shortcoming, we all have our mistakes. To think evil of a person who commited crimes lets us adopt the colour of the evil doer. Thoughts are the roots of our words and deeds and are also very potent too. We may even think when we think bad of a person that there is no reaction – but this not true – everything has a reaction. When you throw a stone into the water then it will have many ripples. These ripples have also colour and they touch invisibly others too, those, we also hurt in our thoughts. Our mind is easily affected with the words and thoughts and deeds others think, speak or write and do. We do not act then, but we react uncontrolled. Think, dear Anne, if we all would be also judged, not only by our deeds but also by our thoughts – how many crimes we have then commited…

    Saints and Sants tell us also: As you think so you become… and when we think bad of another person, also about a person who has done bad things, we become like a judge and the Bible tells us: who judges over others will be judged… it is this mirror we find in us too.

    Its not an easy subject which cannot be descibed in a few words, but I hope that I could make myself a bit understand.

    Thank you, dear Anne, for sharing your important words and thoughts with me 🙂
    All the best my friend

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  11. I think it is most difficult to do the right thing with others when there is a crime involved that you know about that the person has done. When I worked in the school districts, we were mandated reporters of any abuse to the children, and since I worked with special needs children they do need to be protected. So while I can honestly say that I try not to think badly of others, but if they are hurting others in any way, or doing something that is wrong with the laws, I must report them. I don’t know how to justify this kind of need to take care of crime. If I see someone hurting a child or an animal, a physically challenged person or a developmentally challenged person or child, I think I will have to act. I want to think the best of everyone, but in this area where I live, there is a lot of crime. Any suggestions how to do the right thing and still keep good thoughts toward the person?

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  12. Yes, Sant Kirpal Singh always used a simple language to make Himself clearly understood to His audience – and He was and is a great Sant, Param Sant.

    Thanks my friend
    All good wishes

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