Cramm Award

Thank you, dear Tapasi for having nominated me for the the Cramm award.

I recommend to visit her interesting blog. What I also like is that this blogging friend, Tapasie, is straight forward and honest. Please, see and read yourself what she is offering us in her blog.

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Share three things that motivate you to blog.
Share three people who inspire you to blog.
Share one thing you hope to do to improve the world.
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Share three things that motivate you to blog:
1. To share my spiritual experiences

2. To give attention to the project Kirpal Sagar, which is a place for the whole mankind, where all religions are peacefully under one roof.

3. To be in exchange with other bloggers and get to know their experiences as well in many different fields.

Share three people who inspire you to blog.
1. My Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (if we take the spiritual perfume from Him then it will linger also around our being and we all can benefit from it)
2. Dr. Harbajhan Singh who was commissioned to build Kirpal Sagar by Sant Kirpal Singh
3. Biji Surinder Kaur (wife of Dr. Harbhajan Singh), who was likewise involved in building Kirpal Sagar, a place that belongs to the whole mankind.

Share one thing you hope to do to improve the world:
The ancient teaching from all competent Masters coming into the world in different times and even in different religions spoke with one voice: “Man know thyself” – When we get to know ourselves and deeply dive into our mind – how it works, how we are trapped in it in all kind of forms: like being angry, colour of hate, lust, ego, attachment, etc. – when we go to the roots of the motivation of our mind that controls us, dictates our deeds, words, and thoughts – then we slowly start to understand that we are all ONE in Him (in God) – then we can start to control our own mind and we can change ourselves to be in harmony with all people around us with respect, love and honour towards God’s whole creation and His creatures. Then we learn that we are all brothers and sisters in Him and as such we can treat us too, no matter which religion we belong to, or nation, or skin-color – then we can treat us as real human beings and contribute something (our own change to the better in knowing ourselves) to make our world a bit better.

Challenging question: What is your meaning of life?
For me, the purpose of life is to solve the riddle of life and death. What we really are, where we come from, and where to we have to go. For this discipline is necessary to weed out all our shortcomings and consciously see how our mind really works – we are then our own spectator, observer and can find the cause, why we thought like this or that, why we do this or that or speak this or that – to find the real reasons and motivations of our mind. Once with pure honesty towards ourselves, others, and towards God, we discover how the snake in us (our own mind) is functioning – if thoughts are coming in a selfish way, if pride is the reason for writing or speaking this and that, if the motivation is lust or anger or hate – this all can be discovered with the strict and disciplined observation of our own mind.

Then the next step is to learn to differentiate as we often mix things and throw the things in one pot without really seeing what is what – then we are easily confused and go the ways of the mind where it leads us to. Only when we rise above the body-consciousness we can deeply dive into the inner worlds and also see that we are not the body, but souls on their way back Home. This requires a certain meditation, called Surat Shabd Yoga, meditation on the inner Sound and Light (there are hundreds of different forms of mediations and most of them are limited and cannot go beyond the three worlds above our physical plane. Those so-called meditations bring people to the astral plane where they have a “nice” experience, see the light and colours intensified and they think that this is the ultimate goal. But this is a fake and delusion. Only when we rise above the three worlds: astral, causal, and super-causal plane, then we get to Sach Khand plane (the 5th plane) there we find only pure consciousness and no matter anymore mixed with the soul. This only is possible when we have a real “guide” who knows the way and can give us also a first-hand experience (bringing us above our body-consciousness and lead us safely through the inner worlds. Who is interested in learning much more about it should read the book: “The crown of life” written by Sant Kirpal Singh or “The mystery of death” also written by Him. Then we get to know the theoretical aspect of the purpose of our life – it becomes then a practical matter…

My nominees:
Sweta Ojha
Edge of Humanity Magazine

Congratulations to all bloggers chosen here in this list.  In fact, all have deserved it to be nominated – so my thanks go to all bloggers.
Thank you, dear friends 🙂

Regarding the nominees listed here: Please, feel free to participate. It’s a voluntary participation. So no problem if you do not want to participate in this blogging award.

May we all have a great time in the process of developing ourselves. With Gandhi’s words: “Be the change if you want to see a change in the world.” So we have to change ourselves, then we start to take responsibility for respect and love for everybody.

Thank you, dear friends 🙂