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Thank you very much, dear Maysa Rose for the nomination of “The Liebster Award”. Dear bloggers, I would like to recommend her blog to you: Maysa is quite an active person, loves dancing and blogging and has a good sense of humour. So please, take the opportunity to pay a visit to her blog-side

~ Rules ~
Acknowledge the blog that nominated you for the award
Answer the questions they gave you
Give 11 fun facts about yourself
Give them 11 questions to answer
Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award

~ Questions for Me ~
1: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
For me the most important place where I travel to regularly is Kirpal Sagar. This place is a very unique place for the whole mankind, where all religions are peacefully under one roof. where spirituality is not only put in mere words but where it can be practised to become a real human being through selfless service for mankind, land and own soul. It was Sant
Kirpal Singh Ji, who has started this project which was then carried out by His disciples: Dr. Harbhan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur. Today one can see that it has become a small paradies, but in future it will be a pilgrimage town for millions coming from all over the world. Beside man-making the aspect of unity of man that we are all one, is taught and practised there as well.

2: What is the story behind your blog name?
Didis Art Design or to write it correctly: Didi’s Art Design – derives from my nickname: it has its focus on digital art and spiritual content through poems and aphorisms.

3: Do you have a summer goal? If so, what is it?
Not really a summer goal, but my goal is to become a better person and to weed out shortcomings, one by one… and not to see the mistakes in others, but the good sides in them.

4: What are your top three song obsessions right now?
Inside: the inner music, the divine sound that penetrates and vibrates through the whole creation, also called: “music of the spheres”. Quote (exert from the book “Naam or Word” written by Sant Kirpal Singh): “This Sound develops through ten different aspects because of Its manifestation through the different tubes of the body (Nadis); it sounds like thunder, the roaring of the sea, the jingling of bells, running water, the buzzing of bees, the twittering of sparrows, the Vina, the whistle, or the sound of Shankha (Conch) until it finally becomes Hu the most sacred of all sounds. This Sound Hu is the beginning and end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast, or thing.” – Therefore these sounds are the outer symbols which we find in the religions (bell, gong, conch etc.).
Outside: Oldies and classic music, Indian shabads.

5: What stresses you out the most throughout the year? – my own mind as it always tries to usurp the reins and only through constant checking that it does not move and spreads itself in thoughts or words or deeds in violence, within the 5 thieves: like lust, hate, greed, attachment and ego. Therefore it is said: think twice before you speak something out… as all bears karmic fruit. And this is a way to become more and more conscious of oneself: “Man know thyself” within the developing heart-thought (language of the heart) that there is only One Doer, God that we are all One in Him. The birds flying over countries – are they separated by man-made borders? by names given by man? – no, surely not. We are the birds (our souls) in the same air, in One air… So mind is a good helper or servant for the soul, but a bad master…

6: What is your dream job?
To be a tool in the hand of God.

7: How long have you been blogging?
I have started maybe 7 years ago or even more, but at that time I was rather inactive and started to be active last year in January.

8: Do you have a t.v series that you just can’t miss?
No, I very seldom watch TV.

9: What is your favorite thing to do (other than blog)?
Going to India, Kirpal Sagar to help build up Kirpal Sagar and support the poor and needy people.

10: What inspired you to begin your blog?
When starting opening this blog I have rather used it as a kind of “cloud” to keep my poems and digial art save.

11: Is there a quote that is special to you?
Yes. When my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji went to America many years ago, He was asked in a show how He would describe in a few words the universal teaching of competent Masters.
He answerwered: “Be Good, Do Good and Be One” – living in oneness lets us adopt a new angle of view – we no longer see things separated (as our outward senses are doing – duality) but we come to understand that all is connected, all is ONE – then how can we be the Doers? Only our Ego, our Mind makes us think we are the Doer. In Oneness, thus there is only ONE, there can only be ONE DOER – that’s why we live in a huge illusion… The shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that moves the shadow…

~ 11 Fun Facts About Me ~
1. Already when I was young I often was absent-minded and friends and parents called me therefore: “Absent-minded professor” – so when I was an adult once it happened to me that I was in a hurry. I had to reach a bus at a certain time. However, I grabbed the trash bags from the house and hurried. At first I should have stopped at trash place to get rid of the trash bags. However, I have forgotten it, saw my bus coming and ran with both trash bag to the bus and entered the bus. Suddenly I became aware that I still had my trash bags with me… LOL

2. As my nick name is Didi, it sometimes happens that people think I am woman (Didi, for example, means elder sister in India) – but I do not see it as a problem, its just a funny thing πŸ™‚

3. Whenever you always enter the metro from one side, you nearly automatically enter blindly the metro (without thinking) to bring you to a certain destination, but beware of entering the metro from the other side… Well, I ended up to the opposite end where I did not want to go to… LOL

4. I like children very much. So once I asked my grandchild (to be a bit funny to her): Do you happen to know where Selma is? (her name is Selma). She was then at the age of a bit over 3 years. She watched first a bit confused but then turned her look to the nearby table and answered: “Perhaps she is under the table…” – that was more than amusing – to give an answer like that at such an age.

5. I love languages and the best language for communication is: the language of the heart – there we find no borders beween us people.

6. I love to laugh and often I feel the child in me. My grandmom used to say: “Didi, we never get you grown up…”

7. Laughing is really contagious: Once I was with a friend in a metro and he told me something really funny – we both had to burst out laughing with tears shedding. People around us started to laugh too…

8. When I was young I used to practise acrobatic position without know what I was doing. Later when I practised Hatha Yoga I became aware that all “asanas”, even really complicated asanas turned out to be yoga postions.

9. When I entered the Indian country for the first time, I smelled the air which deeply reminded me of something that I did not experienced, here in this life. The air smelled like old moist blankets, a bit smoky – a very unique smell from which I was sure that I have not smelled this kind of smell throughout my present life. In this connection: My Master used to say: “You are all old disciples of different competent Masters – no new one has come so far…”

10. As I love it to help and support people (it’s not that I in me but that divine power in me that wants to help), I have asked the local priest here to be of help to lonesome people: So I got an address of a person who had already had 3 brain strokes and is a bit lonesome too. We got in contact and exchange our thoughts and words regularly since then. We became good friends.

11. My search for God, for the truth was not straight lined. As a young child I was taught to pray. When I reached puberty, I had all my doubts that there is a God existing, a loving Father who cares for His children. I saw wars and violence, I saw the threats with which churches have threatened people and children: “when you do this and that you will go to hell…” People themselves had not divine love in them, compassion, instead there were competitions between religions, each of them claimed to have the right religion and what they did: they developed aversions against people who thought differently, they made a separation between themselves and them, created borders. This all lead me to be an atheist (for some years). I started to read a lot of philosophies, old Greek philosophers, Nietzsche, Kant, Schopenhauer, Hegel etc… and yet it did not please me, I could not find the salt in the soup, the water of life, the bread of life. Then a time came I started to do yoga and read spiritual books – and then a time came where I was connected with Unity of Man – a movement of conscious people who do not see the fault and suffering in a punishing God, but who see that we all are one in Him, no matter which religion we belong to, or nation, or skin-colour – we all are His children. With our free will (which is limited) we always have the choice which direction we go, what we do, what we speak and write, even what we think. There is a divine law in it: The karmic law – “cause and effect” and the Bible tells us: “What you sow you have to reap…” – so that we see a world like this with all its suffering in it – we all have caused it, with our thoughts and words – it is not God who has created it. God made man and man made religions… Karma also means to see everything in a much wider horizont – then we can also understand why there are rich and poor people, why a person suffers less while another suffers much – this all is connected to the many lives we already lived through and our suffering is nothing than a paying back of commited debts… so we are happy today and tomorrow we suffer again – these are the karmic waves which touch us all, which are a mirror of our own deeds, thoughts and words. Sant Kirpal Singh says:
“Stay in your own religion, no need to change, no need to dig a new well of religion – and become a good Christian, a good Moslem, a good Hindu etc…” and this means also: everything that separates us from Him or from other people should be put in ONENESS – then the veil of separation will disappear…

~ Questions for You ~
1. What was the most impressive event in your life?
2. Which music instrument you like best?
3. Your favourite music band?
4. How to bring religions together in harmony?
5. If you could choose an extra school subject – what would it be?
6. Can politics bring a change in the world?
7. Why it is important to learn from own mistakes?
8. What is love for you?
9. What is most annoying for you?
6. What are for you the most important virtues of man?
7. Do you think violence can be stopped with violence or war with war to achieve peace?

~ My nominees ~

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Thank you, dear blogging friends πŸ™‚ – and no problem in case you do not participate – it is just a matter of fun which you may or may not join.
To all bloggers: peace and harmony to you