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Sunset-Sunrise for the nomination of the Mystery Blogger Award. Thanks, my friend 🙂 Please, do not hesitate to check out this blog, you surely will find some treasures there 🙂


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Thank you:

Thank you very much, dear Sunset-Sunrise for having nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award.


Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?
It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best our there, and they deserve the recognition that they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion. -Okoto Enigma (


Three things about myself

1.) My thankfulness goes to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur who have taught me how to swim in the ocean of life.
2.) Helping people in need makes me happy, live and do for others (not according to their wishes, but everything that is essential with regard to their body, mind and soul).
3.) I love to be in the nature and feel one with it.



1.) Where would you like to travel to?
I like to travel to Kirpal Sagar, a place open for the whole mankind. There, noone is anymore separated by religion, skin-colour, Nation or culture – all are welcome there and all religions are peacefully under one roof in the middle of Kirpal Sagar where there is a holy pond with a marble ship symbolizing the journey across the Ocean of Life with the symbols of all world religions on top of it. Not onyl social work can be done there selflessly, but one can also feel the beautiful atmosphere of oneness and unity and the spiritual development in one’s heart.
There, not just theory is taught, to become a real human being, but everyhting is put into practice there.

For more and detailed information about Kirpal Sagar I would like to refer you to this link:



2.) What is the one favorite food you like to eat?
There are two ways of taking food to us. The food for the soul and the food for the body and mind. So I prefer to give first food to the soul when sitting night time in deep silence and practising: Surat (attention) Shabd (Guru, Master, God) Yoga in its two aspects: light and sound. The outer religions point to light and sound (candle light, bell for example) as reflections of what is inside us. And in the Bible we have: “”If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of Light.” And what is this single eye? – It is the Third Eye, Shiv Netra, Divya Chakshu, Tisra Til, or Brahmrendra in other names, which is the only door that leads inside, all other doors of the human body lead outside. So from within we receive parshad or food for the soul. However, our soul does not get food from the astral, causal or even super-causal plane – as this still is mixed with matter. This kind of food goes to our mind and does not help us on the true path of spirituality.

“It is the message of all religions that man is able to attain Godknowledge by ‘tapping’ inside. Saints, mystics of East and West, at all times, got inner knowledge by way of contemplation and meditation. This is why the human body is called the ‘temple of God’ “.

Food for my body is vegetarian food, preferable fresh vegetables and fruit, and even simple meals.

Quote: (from
God is Wordless, Nameless, Ashabd. When He came into being, into expression, that Absolute God wanted: “I wish to be many”, there was a vibration that resulted in two things: Light and Sound.

God is Light. God is Music of the Spheres – Nada.

These are the two outward expressions of God-into-expression-Power which is controlling the whole universe and also controlling us in the body. That can be contacted when we rise above body-consciousness to the seat of the soul in the body, which is at the back of the eyes. So, it is a practical question that can be demonstrated. When you see for your own self what is what, then on­ly you can be convinced, not before.

Man is afraid of dying for two reasons: The first thing, we do not know how to leave the body. We are not accustomed to it. We are so much attached out­side that we cannot dare to withdraw from outside. Sometimes we wish to withdraw from the outside, but we are so much identified with the outside things, even if you want to leave, you cannot leave, you see? So, for that reason, we have to withdraw from outside. If you know how to leave the body day to day, if you die daily as Saint Paul said, if you take the cross daily (the upright stand­ing man with his arms stretched out shows the cross), then death becomes a matter of joy. Because all glory and beauty lie within you. The astral plane is more beautiful than the outer physical plane; causal is still more, and the high­er plane is still higher beauty and higher bliss. So, once a man has an expe­rience of that, he would like to go, any time even, he would possibly go. Now as you are not in contact with that, the mind is just given up to the outward en­joyments and used to that little bliss.                                                                                                                                                  By Sant Kirpal Singh


3.) What made you start blogging
When I started “blogging” I have just used the possibility to store all my digital photos and poems on the internet using it as a kind of “cloud”. Last year my real blogging began to share spiritual wisdom, inner richness, and experience with all bloggers who have similar interests.

4.) If you could meet one person in the world who would it be?
God, Himself is able to materialize in any form, so I wish to meet Him in the pole of a human form. In this connection I would like to share a short story:

An atheist once put a notice on his door: God is “nowhere”. When he lay dying in his room, a small child appeared and changed only one letter “God is now here!” came to the door and read aloud the notice: God is now here. The dying man replied from inside, “Yes, child, I do see now that there is some power.”

5.) What is your favorite hobby?
In fact, I have quite many hobbies: such as Digital Art, writing Poems and Aphorisms, reading Spiritual Books (carefully chosen ones), Languages (I studied 5 languages), Travelling, Classic Music, and Oldies, Graphology, and Genealogy, Cooking. Other interests: Helping people at home and abroad (in India). The favourite one is: Helping people.


5 Questions for you:

1.) If a King puts many precious things in front (money, land, precious diamonds, a high ranking position) of you and he asks you that you can choose what to take – what would it be?

2.) How can we change ourselves to contribute to a better world?

3.) What is your purpose of life?

4.) Our society produces good and bad things. What can be improved?

5.) Where is the difference between laughing and crying? When you are happy you can also shed tears of happiness and sometimes we laugh even out of insecurity…


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Wishing you all happiness and sunshine in your heart