Versatile Blogger Award 4

The Versatile Blogger Award

“The Versatile Blogger Award is an initiative for bloggers to highlight the work of other bloggers, helping each other, after all that is what the blogosphere feeds: sharing.”

It is an initiative to publicize blogs with less followers, this Tag is like a joke but still it turns to be very effective to meet new fresh bloggers as well as experienced bloggers with talent as I am to start the prize I’m going to nominate a blog, then the rules are simple:



Thank the person / blog that indicated it
Include the blog link that nominated your blog for the prize
( Thank you Dear ===… Thoughts Of Sho/)
Select and nominate another 10 blogs to attend:

And write 10 facts about yourself to the person who nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. By participating in this contest you must wear my logo above “blue and pink crown at the beginning of the post.


Thanks to:

I was nominated by Shobha Iyer for the “The Versatile Blogger Award” for which I would like to express my thankfulness and appreciation.

Dear readers and friends, I refer you to her interesting blog, Thoughts of Sho, full of positive aspects. Just convince yourselves 🙂


Ten facts about myself:

1.) The most important persons in my life is my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur. These universal teachings given by them and all competent Masters in the past have helped me a lot, to understand the purpose and sense of life. Humbly I bow down to them in deep thankfulness.

2.) I am a man, although my nick “Didi” sounds like a female name.

3.) Spirituality is my daily bread, to live and do with it.

4.) I am a lacto-vegetarian and consider all animals and plants as our brothers and sisters in a lower form, where also God’s life-impulse is embedded. There are two important laws: The Law of Karma and the Law of Grace – without the Law of Grace we would always be prisoners in the wheel of coming and going. Every tiny thought, even a single vibration of a thought is subject to cause and effect, is like a mirror to our own thoughts, words and deeds. Thus everything comes with a reaction (action and reaction, cause and effect) – to eat plants has therefore two advantages:
first: it is living food, second: it causes less karma than eating animals. However, only through sincere longing for the truth, through devotion and love, the Law of Grace will take measurements to bring such a soul out of the transmigrating wheel to the higher planes such as Such Khand, the plane of no matter but pure consciousness. From there our real journey home starts up to Anami, the 8th divine plane, where God Absolute is residing.

5.) My first poems and aphorisms I started to write over 40 years ago.

6.) As in my family there are artists, I also have become interested in art, in digital art. In this way I often try to create photos going along with my poems.

7.) Video creation also belongs to my hobbies.

8.) In my heart I wish that we all have a better understanding and treat us as human beings.

For those whose tongues are too fast I wish thoughtfulness.
For those whose hearts are hardened and hateful I wish peace and serenity.
For those who create misunderstandings I wish right understanding.
For those who have black blood in their veins I wish love and light.
For those who are indifferent I wish more responsibility.
For those who critizise I wish that they look into a mirror…
For all I wish to see the strings with which we are equipped, then we no longer are the Doers (as we are the puppets on the string, controlled by God)
For all I wish to see that we are all brother and sisters in Him, so that we treat us as brothers and sisters.
For all I wish to see that there is only one God for all, no matter how we name Him… as we are all His children.
For all of us: unity and oneness, no longer with the view of our ego/mind that separates everything.

9.) I love to be in the nature, I feel oneness, unity in the nature, all with all.

10.) My interests also extend to all old cultures.


My 10 nominees:

Maysa Rose
The little Mermaid
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To participate in this award matter is voluntary, not a must.

Wishing you all light and love in your hearts