Winter impressions in Finland, sunset at a frozen lake

Some winter impressions of a sunset at a frozen lake in Finland

DidiArtist, 07.03.2017

Sharing peaceful nature

My dear friends,

Right now I am on a trekking tour in Finland close to a lake and enjoy this peace given by the beautiful nature.
Birds are singing their sweet songs around, the light of the sun sparkling and flickering on the lake, smooth waves gently touching the shores and nature touching my heart. With these photos I want to share with you this beautiful impression I right now live through.

Happy weekend to all of you

Marble cake – thanks to Anshu

Dear blogging friends,

Anshu has made a very nice egg-less marble cake and as I am a lacto-vegetarian I wanted to try her easy recipe too. I think I managed quite well and also think that the taste is hopefully good as well (we are going to some friends tomorrow, then I will taste it 🙂 )

Here is Anshus recipe:

Thank you so much, dear Anshu – great recipe!

And voilà here is my cake:

Dear friends, wish you all a happy day!