We just want to hear
What we like
Any truth that is contrary to us
We sweep under the carpet

Are we afraid
That our innermost is discovered?

Are we anxious
That the truth harms others?

Are we frightened
That we lose appreciation?

Are we scared
That our ego is losing something?

It is an illusory world
That we are building
Leading us to dependency
On the opinions of others…

How much honesty towards ourselves do we have?…

DidiArtist, 20.10.2019


Ego needs applause


We say we want to share
But our ego is tricky
Wants to be heard and seen
Needs you, wherever you are

We fly in lies
Cheat ourselves
Are identified
With the mind

Our good words and deeds
Need ears and eyes
To caress our ego
To be proud

Silence has no witness
A way to overcome
Separation, illusion
A vortex without an echo

DidiArtist, 25.02.2012


Fashion wave to be a rebel

Only if one rebels
One is not yet a better person
On whom we can look up…

DidiArtist, 03.12.2021

Praise and Pride

Just because we are excellent in one field
This does not mean we are familiar with all disciplines
However, we often act as if we would be
Thus we deceive ourselves and our fellow human beings.

In this way, we are carried away
In a torrent of arrogance

Are open to praises
Equally averse to criticism

Addicted to being acknowledged…

DidiArtist, 18.05.2022


Sometimes our laughter overplays
Our insecurity and sadness

Sometimes our self-love covers
Our lack of love and acknowledgement

Sometimes we put on a mask
In order not to be recognized

Sometimes we play the humor card
To hide the seriousness of our life

Sometimes we prefer silence and loneliness
To be entertained by it

Sometimes we set sail
To drift away from problems

Sometimes we run away from ourselves
In order to avoid responsibility

Sometimes we look for company
To better stand the loneliness

Sometimes we question everything
Without finding an answer


DidiArtist, 25.06.2021