Packaging and Content


Often we place more value
To packaging than to content
Allowing ourselves
To be hoodwinked
By appearance

Isn’t our mind
A type of packaging?…

DidiArtist, 30.07.2017



Attraction of the Unknown



Every gift wants to be unpacked:
A secret that needs to be unveiled…

DidiArtist, 25.05.2019


Speaking eyes



Eyes reflect the truth
Are a deep ocean
Expression of happiness
Waves of sad moments

Eyes are attractive
Invite to dive in them
To move head and heart
In dreams of you and me

Eyes are full of life
Share giving, taking
Lose and find
In the flow of information

Eyes communicate without words
Spread feelings and emotions
Infect laughing and crying
Dance together invisibly

Eyes reveal fear and courage
Let events resurge again
Like burnt-in experiences
As living emotions

Eyes pour out their own stories…

DidiArtist, 15.04.2019