Our inner room

There is a light switch in each of us,
But we are too blind to find it in ourselves,
To turn it on
So we walk in blindness, darkness

DidiArtist, 08.01.2022

Fogged vision

The personal freedom and choice of some
Is so dear to their hearts
That they blindly overlook
When others are harmed as a result…

DidiArtist, 12.12.2021

No hiding



Closing our eyes to problems
Does not make them disappear…

DidiArtist, 22.05.2021


Missing consciousness and honesty

One must first have recognized one’s own mistakes,
Only then one can start to change
However, how much blindness is in us
Not to recognize most of them…

DidiArtist, 15.09.2021

Lack of honesty

Why does man not progress?
Because he is not honest with himself!

DidiArtist, 28.10.2021