Payday also comes for dictators

The reckoning comes at the end of life
When we have to leave the body
Then also the cruel deeds
Of a war against innocent people
Children and women
Will be accounted for

Cruel dictators may in life go unpunished
But when the scales are laid
Of good and bad deeds and thoughts
That they have done during their lives
As soon as they leave this world
They will bitterly regret it
They will suffer themselves
As they have caused others to suffer
Because they have killed human beings
To indulge their own lust for power
Indeed, they have to pay a high price

The angel of death Yama is already waiting for them
They will be punished terribly
Even if they laugh now
And have no faith

May God have mercy on their souls….

DidiArtist, 09.03.2022