Already One



Consciousness has no limits
It is the mind, the ego the I in us
That draws borders
Splits us from the whole

Within the separation
Flows consciousness
Is connected to everything
In eternal existence

Splitting: between you and me
Subject and object
Is a big deception, illusion
Because everything rests within itself

Everything flows in silence
Without movement
Has no time nor space
The ego dreams that dream

Overlapping flowing units
Form contents of consciousness
Are connected in small and big things
Walk in the stream: consciousness

The unit lives for itself
Is flowingly connected
Invisible from star to star
From man to man

We are still dreaming and yet we are already one…

DidiArtist, 29.06.2019


The root of all evil

The original sin is our mind….

DidiArtist, 07.12.2021

Power of discrimination

As long as we cannot distinguish
Between truth and untruth
Between good and evil
Between sense and nonsense
Between right and wrong
We are but the blossoms
In the garden of Maya, worldly delusions

As long as we put everything in one pot
Bad and good food
We are intoxicated
With our own desires and imaginations
We feast on the poison of the world
Declare it as food for the soul
Without knowing
Where it will take us
What consequences it may have

As long as we bind ourselves
To what we think is right
Without really testing it
Without knowing the outcome beforehand
We stumble through the desert
Succumbing to mirages
While the water of life
Overflows far from these places

As long as we cannot distinguish
Feed us on the dry desert sand
We remain thirsty
Keeping the desert sand for water
Take it as our food to live
But we have not learned it in any other way
Defending what we believe is right

Right understanding grows
In the power of discrimination…

DidiArtist, 26.04.2022