Mass instigation

Some people are like wasps
They gather in a swarm
Anyone who comes near them gets stung

They feel threatened
Heat up on fake news
They become wild and aggressive

They are in doubt on one side
But on the other side, they pretend
Knowing the truth

Believe in that
What the internet throws at them
And feel like rebels

They do not understand
That they themselves are victims
Of manipulation and rumour

If they have so many doubts
They should also doubt themselves for once….

But this is only possible in a state of tranquillity….

DidiArtist, 10.12.2021

Not a good catch

The fantasy precedes us
Is like a fishing net
But sometimes it catches
Fear and doubt

It is our own ego and mind
That gives us this “gift”…

DidiArtist, 27.10.2021