Limited knowledge


We are unable
To know everything
But often we behave
As if we know everything…

DidiArtist, 01.04.2017



Drop and Ocean


Questions we put – confirm
That we are, each of us
A flower in God’s mystical garden…
However, each question also reveals

When no question, no answer
Arises in us anymore
Then we are united…

DidiArtist, 18.05.2018

Ocean of Life and Being


We all are one
Millions and millions
Of drops, living consciousness
We are unity of man
Not separated from each other

When this understanding
Dawns in our heart
– Then we really know:
We are all brothers and sisters
In the Ocean of life
Forming the higher Self
– Collective Consciousness
Oneness – God

Then we will begin
To have real respect and love
For everyone – in the connection:
Brotherhood in Fatherhood…
All in One
And One in All

DidiArtist, 06.05.2017

One in All


If “mine and thine” is cast off
You and I are one

If I is given up, reality begins
Drop in the Ocean

If I is lost
YOU are found

If ego has gone
You have come, the ONE

If I is dissolved
All is borderless









DidiArtist, 11.04.2018