Everything in a single moment



Everything rests in a moment
Past, present, future

All motionless
Time and space – dreaming…

DidiArtist, 11.05.2020


Moments of life


Moments engraved
On timeless paper
Squeeze the life
Out of the moment
Solidify in the time
Painted in eternity

Life rushes forward
Without past, future
Lives in the very moment
Loses in time
Sounds in echos
Lived-loved glance

Remains back
In fixed expressions
Touches only the presence
In shadowy memories
What once used to be alive
Now lies dead, a copied something

Accumulated and beaded life
Supplied by space and time
The moment does not stay
Devides in silent progress
Rising from the past and future
Free from time and space

DidiArtis, 14.01.2015

Between past and future

Up to the edges of our presence
Flows our consciousness
From there into our memories on one side
Into speculations on the other side

DidiArtist, 30.10.2021

Building stone of the future

Every thought is a building brick
Of the future

The future that manifests itself
Made of thoughts of our now

DidiArtist, 18.05.2022