Addressed to the warlord

Cruelly you kill people
Waging war against an “enemy”
Whom you have designated as your enemy
Hiding behind obscure reasons
Only to see your dream fulfilled
Through violence, threat, lust for power

If your people would suffer
In the same way
As you make your so-called enemy suffer
Would your anger become boundless?
Or would you finally begin to understand…?

Responsibility means:
To be aware of one’s own actions…

DidiArtist, 29.06.2022

Fight for so-called glory and honour

Man does not consist
Only of clothes in his outward appearance
He carries symbols, labels
Of different cultures
Customs and traditions
No, he wears these clothes
Inside too

For these differences, he starts wars
Wants to make his difference as his crown
But when he takes off his clothes
Inside and outside
Then he sees that we are all the same
Are one race: Are human beings

Shouldn’t we finally start
Change our point of view?
Shouldn’t we stop wars and hatred?
Envy, greed, ego, lust for power
To take them off like a superfluous dress?

Shouldn’t we be as natural
As a human child comes into the world
Innocent and unsullied?

Then difference merges into oneness
And all differences cease to exist

Then the difference does not lead to war
It leads to trust, understanding, and respect

There is only one way of unity
The way of love…

DidiArtist, 07.04.2022

Payday also comes for dictators

The reckoning comes at the end of life
When we have to leave the body
Then also the cruel deeds
Of a war against innocent people
Children and women
Will be accounted for

Cruel dictators may in life go unpunished
But when the scales are laid
Of good and bad deeds and thoughts
That they have done during their lives
As soon as they leave this world
They will bitterly regret it
They will suffer themselves
As they have caused others to suffer
Because they have killed human beings
To indulge their own lust for power
Indeed, they have to pay a high price

The angel of death Yama is already waiting for them
They will be punished terribly
Even if they laugh now
And have no faith

May God have mercy on their souls….

DidiArtist, 09.03.2022

No embracing brotherhood

Wars waged
Do not speak of love
Not of respect
Not of unity
Not of brotherhood
They are the mouthpiece
Of hate and violence
Of lust for power
Of destruction and suffering
A sign of the Negative Power

Those who order the war
Carry hatred and violence within themselves

They are poor souls
They do not know what they do
Do even to themselves…

DidiArtist, 27.04.2022